In Person Family & Friends Council Returns!

On September 15, 2022, 2:30pm-3:30pm, Family and Friends (Family Council) will start to meet in person again! The option of attending via Microsoft TEAMS will be offered as well if you cannot attend in person.

The meeting will take place in the Menno Hospital Conference Room (near the Fireside Café – behind Receptionist Leslie Calbick’s desk).

If you plan to attend in person:

• You will need to be vaccinated
• Please arrive early in order to conduct the rapid test in the reception lobby
• Please wear masks during the meeting

If you plan to attend online through Microsoft TEAMS, please click the following link below to join the meeting by video, or call the number with the code beside it to call in to the meeting. It is recommended to download Microsoft TEAMS onto your device to benefit from all its features, but it not, you can still click the link and use TEAMS through your internet browser.

Join on your computer or mobile app

Click here to join the meeting
Meeting ID: 232 592 692 764
Passcode: S8MP9Z
Or call in (audio only)
+1 778-731-1352,,50679340# Canada, Port Moody
Phone Conference ID: 506 793 40#

Family and Friends is a regularly scheduled meeting for family members, friends or representatives of our residents in Menno Home and Menno Hospital. Our guest speakers will be Recreation/Volunteer Manager Linda Weatherly and Menno Home and Hospital Life Enrichment Coordinator Garry Janzen. Linda will be sharing her role, as well as discussing family volunteer opportunities at Menno Place. Garry will be sharing about the admissions process, as well wound care that is provided at Menno. We would love to hear your feedback regarding admissions and wound care.

Family Council is a great way to connect and learn about the opportunities that are on the Menno Place campus, as well as getting to know other family members that are on a similar journey with their loved ones in long term care. We hope you will be able to join us.


COVID UPDATE – January 3, 2022 – COVID Positive = 1 staff


TOTAL COVID POSITIVE CASES = 1 (0 residents | 1 staff)

MOST RECENT COVID CASE = January 3, 2022

  • We will be testing 12 residents and staff who worked on Dec 31st and Jan 1st day shift with close contact with staff member
  • All exposed residents are booster vaccinated, so no isolation at this times, except when symptomatic.
  • Stop all group activities
  • Stagger meal times and ensure physical distancing during meal times
  • Staff to add goggles to mask wearing
  • Screening twice per day for staff and residents
  • If no further spread from this case, these measures can be stopped after 7 days of exposure( Jan 8th)

Visits to Menno Home and Menno Hospital – What changes January 1, 2022?

January 1 – 18 (date of reassessment) – Essential Visitors Only in long-term care – Menno Home and Menno Hospital

Only Essential visitors may enter long-term care homes effective January 1, 2022. This order from Dr. Bonnie Henry will be reassessed on January 18th.

Essential visitors are only set up with the nursing team in conjunction with the resident’s care plan. Essential visitors are being contacted by our nursing team – these visitors are based on the current resident care plan. Screening and rapid testing (2x per week) will be required for all essential visitors.

Assisted Living: Social visits permitted with negative rapid test
Independent Living: Self-Screening for visitors. Rapid tests not available at this time due to limited inventory.
What is an essential visit? (Fraser Health definition): Essential visits are necessarily linked with an essential need identified in the care plan that could not be met in the absence of the essential visit. Essential visits are those that include, but are not limited to2:
• Visits for compassionate care, including critical illness, palliative care, hospice care, end of life
• Visits paramount to the resident’s physical care and mental well-being, including:
o Assistance with feeding
o Assistance with mobility
o Assistance with personal care
o Communication assistance for persons with hearing, visual, speech, cognitive, intellectual or memory impairments
o Assistance by designated representatives for persons with disabilities, including provision of emotional support
• Visits for supported decision making
• Visits required to move belongings in or out of resident’s room
• Police, correctional officers and peace officers accompanying a resident for security reasons

Booster shots are coming – October 28th, November 1 and ?

We are excited to let you know that Menno Home and Menno Hospital residents will be getting their 3rd booster shot on October 28th!

Terrace East will be getting their 3rd shot on November 1st!

We have confirmation from Fraser Health that the Independent Living apartments WILL be included in the priority for 3rd booster shots – this includes Terrace West, Pavilion and Primrose Gardens.

We are also planning flu clinics for November.

*Update* Hair Salon Pricing Changes – Effective August 1, 2021

As of August 1, 2021, the pricing at the hair salons on campus will be the following:


Menno Home and Hospital residents will be receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine on Tuesday, December 29, 2020. Medical Decision Makers have been given a link to provide consent for their loved one. We will be calling all primary contacts to ensure that they are comfortable with their decision.

All staff who wish to be vaccinated will be able to drop-in on Tuesday, Dec. 29th – details will be communicated when we know them. It will likely be in the Hospital Chapel after resident’s vaccinations.

CLICK HERE for answers to Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Vaccines.

PAVILION – We are waiting to hear from the Public Health Officer about the results of the COVID-swab testing. We hope to know more tomorrow.

Send a Christmas gift to your loved one at Menno Place!

Here’s how you can safely deliver a Christmas gift to your loved one this year.

Update – Visits at Menno Place

Update: VISITS

We are very sad that we’ve had to make some changes to the visits in Menno Home – we know how important these are to family.
You may wish to use the Send a Message of Love. We will print and deliver to any resident: CLICK HERE

Menno Home E2 – COVID positive unit (outbreak) – Long Term Care

  • All visits are cancelled during the outbreak
  • Actively dying (COVID related or not), nursing will call the family to be with their loved one
  • Essential deliveries only with the exception of cards

Menno Home W1, W2, E1 – Long Term Care

  • Zoom Calls – continue as normal
  • Essential Visits – temporarily suspended while we are on full droplet precaution
  • Window Visits – temporarily suspended while we are on full droplet precaution
  • Actively dying – nursing will call the family to be with their loved one
  • Safe Visits – cancelled for 2 weeks, we will keep you informed
  • Essential deliveries only with the exception of cards

Menno Hospital – Long Term Care

  • All visits continue
  • Deliveries continue, including “extras” (eg: snacks)

Terrace East – Assisted Living

  • All Safe Visits continue
  • Deliveries continue, including “extras” (eg: snacks)
  • Residents have been advised to stay in their suites and limit outings to essential outings only

Primrose Gardens, Terrace West, Pavilion – Independent Living

  • Registered Visitor program continues
  • Residents have been advised to stay in their suites and limit outings to essential outings only

COVID-19 Positive – E2 Home

We are sad to share with you that in spite of all the hard work we have done for the past 8 months, this morning,  November 17th, a COVID-19 positive result came back for one (1) resident in Menno Home E2.

We are in close communication with Public Health and our Medical Director. All of the Menno Home E2 staff and residents were swabbed (tested) for COVID-19 today.

The family of the positive COVID resident was notified first. All family members of E2 residents were called notifying them of the COVID-19 positive resident on their loved one’s unit.

We have put in place our COVID-19 Response Plan, including:

  • securing the unit to all in-and-out travel
  • implementing the requirement for all staff in Menno Home E2 to wear full Personal Protective Equipment (gowns, masks, goggles and gloves) in every resident’s room
  • E2 staff using a separate entrance and exit to the building and continue to be screened when they arrive at work and part way through their shift
  • no East 2 staff are working in any other location on the Menno Place campus
  • essential visits in Menno Home are cancelled at this time
  • safe visits in Menno Home are cancelled at this time

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Will you call me if my loved one is COVID-positive?
Yes. The resident’s primary contact will receive a phone call as soon as we receive the positive result.

2. Will you call me if my loved one’s results are negative?
Yes. The resident’s primary contact will receive a phone call as soon as we receive the negative result.

2. Will you keep us informed?
Yes. We will inform you through emails and through the Family, Friends and Resident’s website:

From the CEO, Karen Biggs
“I am very proud of how well the Menno Place Team has done during this pandemic. We are in this together with a strong and capable Leadership Team. We are confident in the strength of our each member of our team. Together we have protected our seniors and campus for 8 long months!  Please continue to be kind, be calm and be safe. Please pray for God’s protection and His wisdom as we continue to be vigilant with our COVID ResponsePlan. With the Lord’s help, we will get through this together.”

Medical Grade Masks – What are they and how do I get them?

Medical Grade Masks

Definition from Fraser Health is below.

What you are looking for is ASTM Level 1 or Level 2 barrier.
The Level 2 barrier provides more protection than Level 1.
These are Level 1 ASTM Masks:
You can search Amazon for “Level 1 ASTM” to find the price-point that suits you.
Question: Should you wear a mask with a vent?
Answer: No. CDC does not recommend using masks with exhalation valves or vents because this type of mask may not prevent you from spreading COVID-19 to others. The hole in the material may allow your respiratory droplets to escape and reach others.
Medical mask definition from Fraser Health: A medical grade face mask that meets the ASTM International and ISO (or equivalent) performance requirements for bacterial filtration efficiency, particulate filtration efficiency, fluid resistance, pressure differential, flame spread, skin sensitivity and cytotoxic testing.
These photos are of a box of ASTM Level 1 masks that we had out for our staff today.
Note: The new Fraser Health Order requires the use of MEDICAL GRADE MASKS inside all buildings at Menno Place.