Terrace East and West Community Meeting Minutes – Sept 26 2022

Speakers: Trish, Elke, Claire, Leonard, Timi, and Kevin
Date: September 26, 2022
Residents in Attendance: 54

Welcome and opening remarks by Trish

  1. APEX Pharmacy (Elke – Pharmacist, Manager, Co-Owner)
    • Apex Pharmacy specializes in services for Menno Place Campus and is located on the first floor of the Pavilion. Medication services include vials, blister packs and pouches.
    • Pharmacy staff deliver medication to residents on campus. Residents are also welcome to visit the pharmacy.
    • Pharmacy has free boxes of rapid tests available for residents.
    • Pharmacy provides flu vaccine clinics and COVID vaccine clinics with Menno Place.
  1. Good First Contact (Claire)
    • Claire is the receptionist for the Terraces and Primrose Gardens.
    • She is in Primrose Gardens in the morning and in Terrace East in the afternoon.
    • The phone number follows her. Residents are welcome to call.
    • Claire is a good first contact about bus trips, light bulbs, parking, etc.
  1. Room Rentals (Leonard)
    • Room rentals are not available in the Terraces at this time.
    • The large activity rooms in Pavilion and Primrose Gardens are now available for private rentals. The rooms fit approximately 15 – 20 people. Book through reception, Claire.
    • Guest suites are not available for rent, nor is the chapel.
  1. Air Conditioners (Leonard)
    • Residents are encouraged to wait until after Thanksgiving to request the removal of their air conditioner.
    • When residents are ready to have their air conditioner taken out, residents may contact Claire.
    • Residents are welcome to leave their air conditioner in all year.
  1. Electric Scooter Parking (Leonard)
    • There is a small scooter parked in scooter parking stall #16. It has a layer of dust on it.  If anyone knows who this scooter belongs to, please let Claire know.
  1. Recreation (Timi)
    • Come to the “Thankful Party” on Thursday, October 6 at 2:30 in the dining room for pumpkin pie and coffee as well as accordion entertainment.
    • October bus trips include:
      • Oct 6 – free shuttle to advance voting pole
      • Saturday, Oct 8 – Cranberry Festival in Ft. Langley;
      • BC Ferry Trip – those on September waitlist get first pick
      • Willowview Farms
      • Wal-Mart
    • Residents, please read the monthly activity calendars. In person activities are highlighted in yellow. Non-highlighted activities are on Channel 10.
    • Ceramics class with Emily every Tuesday.
    • Recreation is always open to suggestions and feedback.
    • Jackie will be hosting dinner club once per month on Wednesdays.
    • Jackie is here on Saturdays – look for in person activities.
  1. Nursing Staff (Trish)
    • Geeta (who was introduced) is the Nursing Care Supervisor in charge of Assisted Living. LPNs and care staff report to Geeta. Geeta works directly under Trish.
    • Terrace West – there is a new program: Independent Plus. Darlene is in charge of providing services to assist people to stay in Terrace West with support services.
  1. Puzzle Room (Trish)
    • Terrace West 2nd floor room has been used for puzzles. A notice went up stating the room would be repurposed.
    • Staff have received concerns and have taken it into consideration. Staff recognize the value the room holds as Terrace West have limited communal space.
    • The puzzle room will remain the puzzle room. The sign has been taken down.
  1. Terrace West Water Upgrade (Trish)
    • The water upgrade in TW caused some issues. Maintenance has tended to the specific concerns. Staff believe these matters have been resolved.
    • If residents have unresolved water issues, please let Claire know.
  1. Terrace East COVID update (Trish)
    1. There were two new COVID + cases yesterday.
    2. Staff will notify Fraser Health and wait on instructions. Staff will not close down dining or activities unless required to do so.
    3. Recommend: residents wear masks in small spaces i.e. elevators, group activities.
  1. Chaplain (Kevin)
    • Kevin hosts prayer group at 9:00 am on Wednesdays
    • He also hosts Fellowship group at 2:30 in the TE 4th floor lounge on Wednesdays.
    • There have been some challenges with sound on Channel 10 – they are working on it.
  1. Away Signs (Trish)
    • Residents, hang the away sign on your door when leaving the building.
    • It is a great communication tool when we need to account for people.
    • More signs are available in the wellness centre.
    • The new signs are purple. The older signs are white with blue on the other side.
  1. Green Sleeves (Trish)
    • Terrace East residents, staff assist with this information. Fraser Health requires Assisted Living residents get a new MOST every year.
    • Terrace West residents, please ensure the information is complete and easily accessible on your fridge. Important information includes medications, doctor contact info, primary contact info and allergies.
    • The MOST is to be completed with your doctor.
    • Judith is going to help facilitate getting green sleeves in Terrace West as well as to the three IL residents in Terrace East.
  1. Discussion Open to Floor (Trish)
    • Resident asked why the pendant system in Terrace East only works in suites when other pendants have a larger range.
      • Staff are working on a business proposal to get a new pendant system.
      • Staff are looking into an upgrade for pendants that work beyond the suites.
      • This is complicated by the fact that the current system is hard wired into the building and goes directly to care staff phones.
    • Terrace West residents are encouraged to consider getting their own pendant i.e. Life Line.
    • Resident expressed concern that the ambulance came for her husband but took her medication. Resident states the writing on the bottle is too small.
  1. Power Outage (Leonard)
    • There was a recent power outage due to emergency work on nearby lines.
    • Leonard commends the residents who called the afterhours building emergency line.
    • When the power goes out, the generator comes on which provides limited power in the suites. Only some power outlets and lights will work.
    • Please do not flip the breakers. This will not help during a power outage.
    • Once per month maintenance run a generator test.
  1. Automatic door opener (Trish)
    • Menno Apartments has trialed an automatic door opener in one of the suites.
    • Staff are looking at grant money to see if we can purchase more.
    • We can revisit when we get more info.
  1. Next meeting to be held in November. Date TBA.

Air Conditioners at Menno Place Apartments

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to think about air conditioners.  The common areas of each of the apartment buildings are air conditioned but the apartments are not.  Air conditioners are in stores now. If you want to buy one, don’t wait. They tend to sell out quickly.

What kind of air conditioner should you choose?

  1. Choose a portable air conditioner – one that sits on the floor and vents out the window. We are not able to install units that hang outside the window.
  2. Select a unit that is 8000 BTUs or less. Anything higher than that will trip the breakers.
  3. Menno Place’s maintenance team must do the installation to ensure it’s done correctly and safely. There is a $36.00 charge for installation which includes removal at the end of the season.
  4. If your apartment does not have a balcony/patio please check with Leonard to ensure a unit can be installed before purchasing.

How to request installation:

  1. Make sure the unit is on site, in the resident’s suite and unboxed.
  2. Provide a 3-pronged extension cord approximately 6 feet in length.
  3. Contact the receptionist in your building to request an install. The receptionist will fill out a work request and the maintenance team will attend. Air conditioner installs can usually be completed in 2-3 days.

If you order an air conditioner online please be sure to give the resident’s full address including their suite number. The unit needs to be delivered to their apartment. We have had issues in the past where delivery companies have tried to drop the units off at our warehouse which causes confusion, lost units and delays.

If you have any questions about air conditioners please contact your receptionist – Lynn for Primrose Gardens and Pavilion (604 851-4000) or Claire for Terrace East and Terrace West (604-851-4004).

UDPATE: Masks Are Now Optional for Residents

Effective April 27, 2022 residents will have the choice of whether or not to wear their mask when they are in the common spaces of the apartment building.

Although we will no longer ask residents to put a mask on, we do recommend that they wear a mask as an additional layer of protection from this very infectious variant of COVID. Their decision to wear a mask or not should be based on how “at-risk” they are for severe illness if they contract COVID. Residents can figure out their risk by filling out this worksheet.

On the risk assessment page you will see a list of “at-risk” conditions along with a chart that indicates how  age, gender and number of vaccinations factor into the risk of hospitalization. The average fully vaccinated female who is over 80 years of age with 2 at-risk conditions will have a 2.9% risk of severe COVID and hospitalization. A male in the same category has a 3.9% risk of severe COVID and hospitalization.

The highest risk is for those who are unvaccinated where the risk of severe illness and hospitalization is as high as 83.7%. If a resident has not yet been vaccinated, consider how the risk of severe COVID can be as low as 1.1% if they are fully vaccinated and have no “at-risk” conditions. Once the risk percentage has been calculated, residents can make an informed decision about how many layers of protection they will use to keep safe from COVID. Layers of protection include hand sanitizing, mask wearing, social distancing (6 feet) and vaccination, including the 4th booster shot.

The highest risk of contracting COVID is when a resident and another individual are without masks and within 6 feet from each other. This can happen in the elevator, at the dining room table, playing pool, in a car, at church and passing each other or talking in the hallway. If a resident is concerned about their own safety in any of these situations, it’s safest to wear a  mask. It is a good choice, no matter what others are doing.

Visitors, family, friends, contracted help and all staff must continue to wear masks inside the apartment buildings and when providing residents with personal care. Unvaccinated visitors are not permitted to visit inside the apartment buildings.

Please report any symptoms of COVID to the Receptionist.

Updated Visitation Guidelines for Long Term Care and Assisted Living

As previously announced, the BC Ministry of Health has put out new guidelines for visiting in Long Term Care and Assisted Living. These guidelines officially began on Mar 18th but here at Menno Place we’ve been already been enjoying these changes for the last week.

Are there any additional changes to what was announced on March 11th? Yes:

  • At home testing – LTC visitors have the option to complete their rapid test at home prior to coming on campus. On site testing is also available. If you choose to test at home we recommend putting the date on your test and taking a photo on your cellphone to show the host when you arrive. (At home testing is not currently an option for Terrace East.)
  • Masks can be removed in single resident rooms. Masks must be worn in all common areas and shared rooms.
  • Assisted Living residents can choose a designated visitor. Designated visitors are able to visit at all times, even in the event of an outbreak. (LTC residents already have designated visitors.)

You can find the full set of changes that went into effect on March 11th by clicking here.

Memo: TE Community Meeting Minutes – Feb 7 2022

Terrace East Community Meeting Minutes

Facilitator: Trish Giesbrecht
Date:   February 7, 2022
TE Tenants in Attendance: 34

We are pleased to be able to restart community meetings in each of the apartment buildings.
This is a great place to get updates, share ideas, and keep the community informed of any upcoming changes. We welcome your feedback. The next community meeting will take place in the spring.

  1. Welcome – Trish took over for Cheryl as the Manager of Community Enrichment. Her office is in the Wellness Center.
  2. Security
    1. Tenants, please lock your door at all times.
    2. Care aides should knock and can use their key.
  1. “I’m Away” Sign
    1. Hang the “I’m away” sign on your door when you leave the building.
    2. Sign out and in at the front desk.
  1. Elevators
    1. Keep to a limit of four people in the elevator at one time.
    2. Wear a mask and try to keep your physical distance.
  1. Condition Inspections
    1. Staff will come into your suite to check the condition and safety of the suite.
    2. We will hand out a letter prior to starting the inspections.
  1. Wellness Initiatives – After a long period of inactivity due to COVID, it is time to start to shift back to be more independent.
    1. We are promoting exercise and walking. Walking is a significant contributor to reduce the risk of falls.
    2. The fourth floor lounge will be opened as an exercise space.
    3. We encourage you to:
      1. Put your own mail in the mailbox outside Menno Hospital
      2. Take your garbage out
      3. Try when care staff encourage you to do more
      4. Tenants made numerous wellness initiative suggestions. These suggestions were noted for staff to work on.
  1. Attending Church – External worship services – are tenants able to attend?
    1. Tenants are to decide on their own comfort level.
    2. Consider if the church has good safety protocols in place.
    3. If you feel safe then you can go to church, if not then watch online.

We are interested in hearing your concerns, comments and ideas.  A comment box will be made available soon. If you would like to discuss an issue privately please contact Leonard Klassen 604-851-4006.


MEMO: Terrace East Elevator Safety & Guidelines

Now that everyone is coming down for meals again we wanted to remind you of the current rules and safety practices for using the elevators. These guidelines will ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable ride.

  1. Max 4 people in the Terrace East elevator at a time. Up to four people (staff and residents) can be in the elevator at the same time. If the elevator arrives and there are already four people inside please wait for the next one. For the Terrace West elevator the max stays at 2 people.
  2. Please do not push to get in or out of the elevator. We understand that elevators can be slow and sometimes it’s hard to wait but it’s important to take good care of each other. Shoving can lead to injuries or even a fall and we don’t want that. There is plenty of time. Thank you for practicing patience.
  3. Wear your mask. All residents, staff, and guests are required to wear a medical mask in all hallways, elevators and stairways. Please make sure your mask covers both your nose, mouth and chin.
  4. Come down for lunch at 12:00, not before. Remember to wait until 12:00 to come down for lunch so we don’t get a crowd gathering in the lobby.

If you have any questions or concerns about using the elevator please let Leonard know (604-851-4006). Your safety and wellbeing is our highest concern.



Date:  December 29, 2021  

To: TE, TW, Pavilion Residents  

Re: COVID-19 Positive in Primrose Gardens – TAKE EXTRA PRECAUTIONS 


A resident of Primrose Gardens has been identified as COVID positive. Those in contact with the resident have been swabbed for COVID and are waiting for their test results.  

ALL APARTMENT BUILDINGS: As the Omicron variant of COVID becomes VERY prevalent in our community, the likelihood of contracting COVID-19 increases for us all. This is the time to take extra precautions to keep yourself safe. As a member of a vulnerable population and a resident on a campus-of-care, you need to exercise extra safety measures. 

EXTRA PRECAUTIONS: The Omicron variant of COVID is extremely transmissible and can infect those who have had all vaccinations (including 3rd booster shot) as well as those who previously tested positive for COVID. Take ALL precautions, including self-isolating for your own protection. Wear a medical mask (do not wash) provided in the foyer. Take 2 or 3 to carry with you so you always have one available. 

VISITORS: Your visitors must have a negative rapid test result before entering the apartment building/your suite. All (you and your visitor) must wear a mask at all times, including in your suite while visiting. Use hand sanitizer frequently and wash hands with warm, soapy water often. No unvaccinated people are permitted inside the apartment buildings, including your family members, housekeepers, service providers or friends. 

GET PREPARED FOR LOCKDOWN: This is a good time for your essential visitors to ensure you have EVERYTHING you need in your apartment. Ensure you have medications, groceries and clean laundry for the next 7 – 10 days. 

KEEP YOUR CONTACT GROUP SMALL: It is time now to reduce your contact with people to only those who provide you with essential services such as laundry, driving to essential appointments and grocery delivery. Visit with others on the phone instead of in person, even within this apartment building. 

WHAT IF YOU ARE FULLY VACCINATED? Omicron is infecting those who are fully vaccinated, including those who have the 3rd booster shot. Your illness will likely be more mild than if you were not vaccinated, but it can still be very debilitating or even cause hospitalization or death. 

ESSENTIAL OUTINGS: This is a good time to reduce your outings to essential outings only, such as medical appointments. Choose to watch church online or on Channel 10. Since the Omicron variant is so prevalent in our community, it’s better to have an essential visitor bring you groceries if possible.  

WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS? If you have any of the symptoms on the list below, go immediately to the Haida Center for a COVID-19 gargle or nasal swab test (PCR). Tell them that you live on a campus of care and that you are part of a vulnerable population. This will get you priority access to the testing. 

WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO SOMEONE WHO HAS COVID? Take a rapid test to see if you are positive at this time. If you are, go to the COVID test center for a PCR test to confirm the diagnosis. If you are negative, isolate and re-take the test in 24 hours. 

WHAT TO DO WITH TEST RESULTS? Phone Reception to report all test results, including rapid tests. If there is no answer, leave a voicemail message. 

RAPID TESTS: You may also ask for a rapid test from Reception or the Dining Team. This test is a simple test that will tell if you have enough viral load at that moment to indicate if you are positive for COVID-19. It is not a definitive test. A PCR test is still required (gargle or nasal swab).  

WHAT ABOUT THE COMMON COLD? The common cold is VERY intense this year. If you have cold symptoms AND received a negative gargle or nasal swab test, you likely have a cold. DO NOT SPREAD IT. Stay isolated until symptoms are gone.  

Do you have any of these COVID symptoms – even mildly? Get tested for COVID and let us know: Reception: 604.851.4000 

Fever or chills?  Cough? Unproductive cough? 
Sore throat? Runny nose?  Extreme fatigue or tiredness? 
Body aches? Muscle aches?  Diarrhea? 
Difficulty breathing?  Loss of sense of smell or taste? 
Loss of appetite?  Headache? Nausea or vomiting? 


Add 15 minutes BEFORE your visit – Point-of-Care Rapid Testing is Now Mandatory for all Visitors to LTC and AL

Effective immediately:
A rapid test with a negative result is required to enter Menno Home, Menno Hospital or Terrace East.
This is by order of the Public Health Officer.

Visiting Hours:
The COVID rapid test will be provided by the Visitation Host between 10am and 6pm. Phone the nurse to arrange a visit outside of these hours for essential visitors.

In order to enter, you must show proof of vaccination, government issued ID card and a negative rapid test result.

Please watch these two short videos on how to perform a Rapid Point-of-Care test:

From the Ministry of Health:
In recognition of the increased transmissibility of the Omicron variant of concern and given the vulnerability of the Omicron variant of concern and given the vulnerability of residents in long-term care and assisted living, even when fully vaccinated themselves, individuals visiting long-term care homes (both essential and social visitors) must be screened for COVID-19 by receiving a rapid point-of-care (POC) test prior to their visit.

Rapid POC tests provide the opportunity to rapidly screen people for COVID-19, with results ready in approximately 20 minutes. These tests can help reduce the potential for introduction and spread of COVID-19 in long-term care. The rapid POC screening requirement for all visitors is in addition to the current requirements for visitors to be fully vaccinated and to adhere to infection prevention and control measures.

Visitors who receive a positive rapid POC test result, choose not to receive a rapid POC test, or who do not demonstrate that they are fully vaccinated will not be able to enter the long-term care or assisted living building, including passing through the facility to access an outdoor space.

There are no exceptions to the rapid POC screening requirement based on medical exemption from vaccination, essential or social visitor status, including compassionate visits related to end-of-life. The rapid POC screening requirement in long-term care excludes children under age 12.

  • Visitors who receive a negative test result, provide proof of full vaccination, and are compliant with masking requirements and other infection control practices will be able to enter a facility.
  • Visitors who are screened as having symptoms or who receive a positive test result will not be able to enter a facility. They are required to self-isolate and seek further direction from public health. Their test result must be reported to Public Health.
  • Individuals who receive an inconclusive test result will be required to undergo another rapid POC test.
  • There are no exceptions to the rapid POC screening requirement based on medical exemption from vaccination, essential or social visitor status, including compassionate visits related to end-of-life. Rapid POC screening in long-term care and assisted living excludes children under age 12.

We thank you for all your hard work in keeping yourself safe, and in caring for your loved one in a time that is stressful and ever-changing.

Sharon Simpson
Director, Community Enrichment

APARTMENTS – Social Leave Memo – Rapid Test required if going away overnight

MEMO delivered in Menno Apartments

Date:         December 16, 2021
To:             All Menno Apartments Residents
Re:             Overnight trips and rapid tests

Dear Residents,

As we get closer to Christmas you may be planning an overnight trip to visit friends and family. If you are away from home overnight or longer you need to do a COVID rapid test when you get home.

This is NOT the same as a full COVID swab test. The rapid test is an easy test that you can do yourself right here on campus. Rapid tests are painless, far less invasive and the results are available in 15 minutes.

If you are going to be away overnight:

  1. Get a rapid test kit before you go. Kits are available at reception, in the dining room, from the visitation hosts and from Tamara, Life Enrichment Associate, in Pavilion. Each kit contains the test along with an instruction card that shows you how to do it.
  2. When you get home, go directly your apartment and take the rapid test. Stay in your apartment until you have your test results. This will take 15 minutes.

If the test is negative, call reception to report your negative result. Then throw the test away and there’s nothing else you need to do. Welcome home!

If the test is positive call reception to report your positive result.  On the weekend, call the kitchen to let them know you need your meal(s) delivered. You will need to the COVID testing site at 32470 Haida Drive for a swab or gargle test. Isolate and follow the instructions from the testing site.

Enjoy your visits and thank you for working with us to keep everyone safe.

Merry Christmas!



Date:                December 15, 2021
To:                   All Terrace East Residents
Re:                   In-Person Dining Room 7 Days a Week!

Dear Terrace East Residents,

We are delighted to announce that starting Monday, December 20th Terrace East residents can eat together in the dining room, seven days a week.

  • The dining room will open for residents at 12:00 with lunch served at 12:20.
  • Sanitize your hands before you sit down and again after you’ve eaten.
  • Go directly to your table without visiting at other tables. Keep your mask on.
  • Your spot to sit is arranged with others from your floor. You will remain in this spot for contact tracing purposes.
  • The dining room will open for supper at 4:30 with the meal served at 4:45.

To do our best to keep the dining room open, we need to work together to do our part to stay safe. This means:

  • Wear a mask to the dining room and keep it on until you start to eat or drink.
  • Put your mask back on immediately after you finish your meal.
  • Please do not visit other tables. This will reduce possibility of COVID transmission.
  • If you feel unwell (see COVID symptoms on back) call reception 604-851-4004 and your meal will be delivered at no charge. On the weekend, call the kitchen to make arrangements 604-851-4011.
  • Wear a mask at all times when outside of your apartment – in the hallways,when you are running errands and while at church. These are public health orders. Wear a mask if you visit or drive with any unvaccinated friends or family.
  • If you are concerned about joining the communal dining, please contact Leonard Klassen 604-851-4006 to arrange to have your meals delivered at no charge.

You can read more about the safety measures Menno Place is using to protect residents in the dining rooms during the pandemic on the back of this memo.

If you have any questions about the new guidelines for dining please contact Claire at Reception 604-851-4004 or Leonard, Life Enrichment Coordinator, 604-851-4006.

Menno Place Dining Room Safety Procedures

We are hopeful that the decision to open the dining rooms will continue for the duration of the winter season. If the new COVID variant is prevalent in our community OR the public health orders change OR we have a COVID exposure, we may be required to close the dining room once again.

Why is it possible now to open the dining rooms?

  • CASPR air scrubbers have been installed in all dining rooms in the Apartments (99.96% kill rate on surfaces: bacteria, viruses and mold). This was recommended by Fraser Health of out an abundance of caution.
  • Most residents in your building are fully vaccinated and have also had a third booster shot. All staff have been double vaccinated and many have had their booster.
  • The few residents who have not been vaccinated will be seated together.
  • Residents who have received one or two vaccine shots will be contacted to help them complete their vaccinations.
  • Church services are safer now that masks are mandatory by public health order. When everyone wears their mask (over nose and mouth), it reduces risk of becoming infected at church and bringing it home to your neighbors in this building.

If you have questions or concerns about these safety protocols please contact
Leonard 604-851-4006.

Monitor yourself for any of these symptoms – if you have any symptoms, do not come to the dining room. Go to the COVID testing site at 32470 Haida Drive for a COVID test.

Fever                                  Sore throat                                                   Body aches

Cough                                 Loss of sense of smell                                Loss of sense of taste

Nausea                               Vomiting                                                       Difficulty breathing

Headache                          Loss of appetite                                          Diarrhea

Chills                                   Extreme fatigue or tiredness