Family Council

Family council is a group of family members, friends and representatives of residents living in long term care who work together to maintain and enhance the quality of life of all residents.

Objectives of Family Council

  • Provide networking, support and encouragement for family members, friends and representatives;
  • Engage in education and information opportunities;
  • Discussion of group concerns (rather than individual concerns) and generating solutions to problems that arise; and
  • Working on projects that will benefit residents.

The goal for Family Council is to be run by family members, friends and representatives to improve the quality of care for all residents. If you are passionate about leading, facilitating, taking minutes etc for family council, please contact:

Menno Hospital Social Worker, Dan Janzen – 604.851.1350
Menno Home Social Worker Kim Wiebe – 604.851-1361

Family Council Meetings

Menno Hospital

Dan Janzen, Social Worker – 604.851.1350  |  Dan.Janzen[at]

Menno Home

Kim Wiebe, Social Worker – 604.851.1350  |  Kim.Wiebe[at]