TW Community Meeting Minutes – April 2022

Facilitators: Trish, Leonard, Timea                                                                     Date:   April 4, 2022
TW Residents in Attendance: 24

  1. Rent Increases (Leonard) – Some residents received rent increase notices of 1.5% that will come into effect on July 1, 2022. The rental increase is based on the BC Residential Tenancy Agreement. Residents who have lived here less than 12 months should not have received a letter.
  2. Property Insurance (Leonard) – All residents are required to have insurance. Please bring proof of insurance to Claire so a copy can be put in your file.
  3. Air Conditioners (Leonard)
    • Residents are responsible for providing their own portable air conditioner and extension cord in their suite. Menno Place installs the air conditioners.
    • Menno Place plans to install the air conditioners in May. Please let Claire know when you have your air conditioner ready in order to be put on the installation list.
  4. Spring Cleaning (Leonard) – Pressure washing is being done on campus. TW building is next. An announcement will be made at lunch when they are ready to start on TW.
  5. Staff Introductions – Bas Kervel, Manager of Enviro Services and Material Management
    • Bas oversees the nine maintenance workers on campus.
    • TW entrance – new rubber concrete complete, planters and benches to go in.
    • Residents and families are welcome to donate a bench. $1800 for a 4 ft. bench with plaque.  For more details see ca/family-and-friends/donation-benches or call Pearl at 604.859.7631 x232.
    • Maintenance requests are received by admin staff and then submitted to maintenance. Maintenance receives the requests and then prioritizes them.  Flooding/leaking take priority.  Items like broken blinds and air conditions are of general significance and may take a few days.
    • The remaining maintenance requests from the suite inspections will be completed over the next week or two.
    • All gutters have been cleaned. If issues remain/arise, please make another work request. The company will be called back to clean them.
  1. Recreation (Timea)
    • There are lots of activities this month including April 6 Easter Concert, April 8 Food Meeting with Angela and bus trip on April 21. Please see calendar.
    • A Hearing Clinic will be arranged for May.
    • Emily is a new casual recreation staff who will restart the ceramics program.
    • Resident request for regular sing-a-longs in addition to Hymn Sing with John.
  1. Mail (Trish)
    • Menno Place is actively trying to get mail returned to pre-COVID delivery. Canada Post recently assessed the spaces in Menno buildings.
    • Canada Post delivers bags of mail once a week. Menno staff sort and deliver.
    • Discussion of delivery options: Slide under door; knock on door/enter suite if no answer; residents pick up at reception.  Mail cannot be left outside suites.
  1. IL Spa Services (Trish)
    • Spa Bath – Residents are escorted from their suite to the spa bath on third floor of TE. Care staff remain on hand to assist while resident steps into tub, and the bath is filled. Service is one hour in length.  Costs $60.00
    • Shower Room – residents are escorted from their suite to the fully tiled shower room on the fourth floor of TW. Residents may request care staff to be on hand. Service is one hour in length. Costs $60.00
    • Services are available on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one time basis. Call Claire to book a service. 604-851-4004.
    • It is not possible for door to be put on cut out tubs in suites.
    • Foot care nurses – Claire has information about foot care nurses.
  1. Staff Introductions – Sharon Simpson, Director of Community Enrichment
    • Sharon’s position is how to “make the community better”. Sharon recognizes COVID has not made things better. The community enrichment team is working to improve community.
  1. Open Discussion to Floor (Trish)
    • Bistro will not open in the near future.
    • Resident requests variety in bistro bag. Staff have forward request to Angela. Resident encouraged to make request at the food meeting.
    • Trish is looking to bring back lunch time with TW and TE eating at the same time as long as designated seating remains.
    • Residents may call kitchen when they will miss meals on weekends 604-851-4011.
    • Trish will revisit possibility of guest parking passes.
    • Suggestions/Comments may be put in box in TW lobby. Residents are also welcome to bring questions to Claire in reception; Leonard (LEC), and Judith or Tamara (LEAs).
  2. Next meeting to be held in June. Date TBA.

MEMO: TW Community Meeting Minutes – Feb 15 2022

Terrace West Community Meeting Minutes

Facilitators: Trish, Leonard, Timea                                           Date:   February 15, 2022
TE Tenants in Attendance: 24

We are pleased to be able to restart community meetings in each of the apartment buildings. This is a great place to get updates, share ideas, and keep the community informed of any upcoming changes. We welcome your feedback.

  1. Suggestions/Comments (Trish) – A box has been installed in TW lobby under the Rec office window.  Tenants are welcome to put suggestions, comments and questions for the community meeting in the box.
  2. Tenants are also welcome to bring questions to Claire (Reception) 604.851.4004; Leonard (LEC) 604.851.4006; Judith (LEA) 604.851.4000 ext 4018; or Tamara (LEA) 604-851.1374
  3. Lunch Time (Trish) – TW and TE have separate lunch times due to COVID. TW tenants are welcome to stay longer than 12:00 as long as they do not mingle with TE tenants.
  4. Elevator Safety (Trish) – Be aware of possible tripping hazards including walkers and canes. Wear masks and attempt to physically distance.
  5. Mailboxes (Leonard) – Canada Post will not deliver to individual mail boxes at this time. Canada Post delivers bags of mail once or twice a week. Menno staff then sort and deliver the mail.
  6. COVID Update (Leonard)
    1. It is not your fault if you catch COVID.
    2. If you are not feeling well you are asked to stay in your suite and call reception.  Meals will be delivered to you.
    3. Tenants who are COVID positive, as well as close contacts, are asked to isolate. We will do what we can to keep the dining room open.
  7. Visitors (Trish) – All visitors, including family, friends and housekeepers, are to screen-in, sanitize and put on a new medical mask in the TW lobby.
  8. Bistro (Trish) – Bistro will not open in the near future. Snacks will continue to be delivered to tenant suites.
  9. I’m Away Sign (Trish) – Hang the “I’m Away” Sign on your door when you leave the building.
  10. After Hours Contacts (Leonard)
    1. This phone number is on the magnet with Leonard’s photo.  “Building Emergency – After Hours Flood, Plugged Toilet, Locked Out 604.217.4418
    2. Independent Living does not provide an on-call nurse. Tenants are to call 911 or family for health-related concerns.
  11. Condition Inspections (Trish)
    1. There will be condition inspections in March.  You will receive notice in advance by letter.
    2. If things are not currently working in your suite, please call Claire to request maintenance
  12. Recreation (Timea)
    1. Rec staff hope to have more activities starting in March.
    2. Ashley is in the TW office and is responsible for TW and TE.
    3. Timea works out of various offices and is responsible for PAV and PG.
    4. Library is reopened – when you return books please put them in the return box and staff will reshelf them.
    5. Weekly puzzles are available on the table by the front entrance. Answers are available on Channel 10 on Thursdays.
  13. Menno Forum (Leonard) – Leonard is working on recording the Tuesday and Friday Channel 10 forums for them to be played again on Channel 10 around 12:30.  Check the schedule for “Menno Forum Repeat”.


Visitors to Independent Living – Pavilion, Terrace West, Primrose Gardens


As the prevalence of COVID increases in our community, please use all the safety measures available to keep your loved one and their neighbours safe.

Although the Public Health Order calls for rapid testing for all visitors on the Menno Place campus, the inventory does not allow for rapid testing at the Independent Living Apartments. Please continue to self-screen (no symptoms), practice safe distance from others (6ft), wear a mask at all times (even with your loved one) and use hand hygiene (frequently) in order to enter the apartment building.

Continue to advise your loved one of all the layers of protection. We heard today from the Medical Health Officer that the efficacy of the vaccine increases from 60% to 75% with the 3rd booster shot. If your loved one is not fully vaccinated, please encourage them to become fully vaccinated.

Currently, our vaccination rates in the Apartments are:

Fully vaccinated (2 shots plus booster):

  • Pavilion: 69%
  • Terrace West: 79%
  • Primrose Gardens: 77%
  • Terrace East: 93%

On Dec. 31, 2021, Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC Public Health Officer announced that only essential visitors will be allowed to visit residents in long-term care: Menno Home and Menno Hospital – CLICK HERE FOR ANNOUNCEMENT

Assisted Living (Terrace East) continues social visits for residents with rapid test.

Independent Living continues social visits for vaccinated visitors.




Date:  December 29, 2021  

To: TE, TW, Pavilion Residents  

Re: COVID-19 Positive in Primrose Gardens – TAKE EXTRA PRECAUTIONS 


A resident of Primrose Gardens has been identified as COVID positive. Those in contact with the resident have been swabbed for COVID and are waiting for their test results.  

ALL APARTMENT BUILDINGS: As the Omicron variant of COVID becomes VERY prevalent in our community, the likelihood of contracting COVID-19 increases for us all. This is the time to take extra precautions to keep yourself safe. As a member of a vulnerable population and a resident on a campus-of-care, you need to exercise extra safety measures. 

EXTRA PRECAUTIONS: The Omicron variant of COVID is extremely transmissible and can infect those who have had all vaccinations (including 3rd booster shot) as well as those who previously tested positive for COVID. Take ALL precautions, including self-isolating for your own protection. Wear a medical mask (do not wash) provided in the foyer. Take 2 or 3 to carry with you so you always have one available. 

VISITORS: Your visitors must have a negative rapid test result before entering the apartment building/your suite. All (you and your visitor) must wear a mask at all times, including in your suite while visiting. Use hand sanitizer frequently and wash hands with warm, soapy water often. No unvaccinated people are permitted inside the apartment buildings, including your family members, housekeepers, service providers or friends. 

GET PREPARED FOR LOCKDOWN: This is a good time for your essential visitors to ensure you have EVERYTHING you need in your apartment. Ensure you have medications, groceries and clean laundry for the next 7 – 10 days. 

KEEP YOUR CONTACT GROUP SMALL: It is time now to reduce your contact with people to only those who provide you with essential services such as laundry, driving to essential appointments and grocery delivery. Visit with others on the phone instead of in person, even within this apartment building. 

WHAT IF YOU ARE FULLY VACCINATED? Omicron is infecting those who are fully vaccinated, including those who have the 3rd booster shot. Your illness will likely be more mild than if you were not vaccinated, but it can still be very debilitating or even cause hospitalization or death. 

ESSENTIAL OUTINGS: This is a good time to reduce your outings to essential outings only, such as medical appointments. Choose to watch church online or on Channel 10. Since the Omicron variant is so prevalent in our community, it’s better to have an essential visitor bring you groceries if possible.  

WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS? If you have any of the symptoms on the list below, go immediately to the Haida Center for a COVID-19 gargle or nasal swab test (PCR). Tell them that you live on a campus of care and that you are part of a vulnerable population. This will get you priority access to the testing. 

WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO SOMEONE WHO HAS COVID? Take a rapid test to see if you are positive at this time. If you are, go to the COVID test center for a PCR test to confirm the diagnosis. If you are negative, isolate and re-take the test in 24 hours. 

WHAT TO DO WITH TEST RESULTS? Phone Reception to report all test results, including rapid tests. If there is no answer, leave a voicemail message. 

RAPID TESTS: You may also ask for a rapid test from Reception or the Dining Team. This test is a simple test that will tell if you have enough viral load at that moment to indicate if you are positive for COVID-19. It is not a definitive test. A PCR test is still required (gargle or nasal swab).  

WHAT ABOUT THE COMMON COLD? The common cold is VERY intense this year. If you have cold symptoms AND received a negative gargle or nasal swab test, you likely have a cold. DO NOT SPREAD IT. Stay isolated until symptoms are gone.  

Do you have any of these COVID symptoms – even mildly? Get tested for COVID and let us know: Reception: 604.851.4000 

Fever or chills?  Cough? Unproductive cough? 
Sore throat? Runny nose?  Extreme fatigue or tiredness? 
Body aches? Muscle aches?  Diarrhea? 
Difficulty breathing?  Loss of sense of smell or taste? 
Loss of appetite?  Headache? Nausea or vomiting? 




Date:                December 15, 2021
To:                   All Terrace West Residents
Re:                   In-Person Dining Room 7 Days a Week!

Dear Terrace West Residents,

We are delighted to announce that starting Monday, December 20th Terrace West residents can eat together in the dining room, seven days a week.

  • The dining room will open for residents at 11:00 with lunch served at 11:20.
  • Sanitize your hands before you sit down and again after you’ve eaten.
  • Go directly to your table without visiting at other tables. Keep your mask on.
  • Your spot to sit is arranged with others from your floor. You will remain in this spot for contact tracing purposes.
  • Residents who are on the supper plan: your evening meal will be delivered.

To do our best to keep the dining room open, we need to work together to do our part to stay safe. This means:

  • Wear a mask to the dining room and keep it on until you start to eat or drink.
  • Put your mask back on immediately after you finish your meal.
  • Please do not visit other tables. This will reduce possibility of COVID transmission.
  • If you feel unwell (see COVID symptoms on back) call reception 604-851-4004 and your meal will be delivered at no charge. On the weekend, call the kitchen to make arrangements 604-851-4011.
  • Wear a mask at all times when outside of your apartment – in the hallways,when you are running errands and while at church. These are public health orders. Wear a mask if you visit or drive with any unvaccinated friends or family.
  • If you are concerned about joining the communal dining, please contact Leonard Klassen 604-851-4006 to arrange to have your meals delivered at no charge.

You can read more about the safety measures Menno Place is using to protect residents in the dining rooms during the pandemic on the back of this memo.

If you have any questions about the new guidelines for dining please contact Claire at Reception 604-851-4004 or Leonard, Life Enrichment Coordinator, 604-851-4006.

Menno Place Dining Room Safety Procedures

We are hopeful that the decision to open the dining rooms will continue for the duration of the winter season. If the new COVID variant is prevalent in our community OR the public health orders change OR we have a COVID exposure, we may be required to close the dining room once again.

Why is it possible now to open the dining rooms?

  • CASPR air scrubbers have been installed in all dining rooms in the Apartments (99.96% kill rate on surfaces: bacteria, viruses and mold). This was recommended by Fraser Health out of an abundance of caution. (
  • Most residents in your building are fully vaccinated and have also had a third booster shot. All staff have been double vaccinated and many have had their booster.
  • The few residents who have not been vaccinated will be seated together.
  • Residents who have received one or two vaccine shots will be contacted to help them complete their vaccinations.
  • Church services are safer now that masks are mandatory by public health order. When everyone wears their mask (over nose and mouth), it reduces risk of becoming infected at church and bringing it home to your neighbors in this building.

If you have questions or concerns about these safety protocols please contact Leonard 604-851-4006.

Monitor yourself for any of these symptoms – if you have any symptoms, do not come to the dining room. Go to the COVID testing site at 32470 Haida Drive for a COVID test.

Fever                                  Sore throat                                                   Body aches

Cough                                 Loss of sense of smell                                Loss of sense of taste

Nausea                               Vomiting                                                       Difficulty breathing

Headache                          Loss of appetite                                          Diarrhea

Chills                                   Extreme fatigue or tiredness





Date:                November 26, 2021
To:                   All Terrace West Residents
Re:                   Welcome Back to the Dining Room!

Dear Terrace West Residents,

We are re-opening in-person dining starting on Monday, November 29th! We’re so excited to see you back downstairs for some of your meals.

In order to ensure COVID safety we need to have smaller groups of residents eating together. To accommodate this Terrace West residents will be eating in the bistro. The following schedule will be in place until further notice:

  1. Residents who live on the 1st floor will come to the bistro on MONDAYS.
  2. Residents who live on the 2nd floor will come on TUESDAYS.
  3. Residents who live on the 3rd floor will come on WEDNESDAYS.
  4. Residents who live on the 4th floor will come on THURSDAYS.

All residents will be served their lunch in their apartment on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Thank you for working with us through these challenging times. We appreciate your efforts and your patience as we sorted through the best ways to reopen safely.

If you have any questions please contact Claire at Reception: 604-851-4004.

ALL APARTMENT RESIDENTS (PG, PAV, TE, TW): Flu Shot Clinic next week

Dear Residents,

Apex Pharmacy will be on site to give residents their flu shot on the following days:

  • Terrace East – Monday November 15th
  • Terrace West – Tuesday, November 16th
  • Primrose Gardens – Wednesday, November 17th
  • Pavilion – Date to be determined

According to HealthLink BC, adults aged 65 years and older are at increased risk for the flu. Getting the flu shot is the single best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the flu. All residents are encouraged to get the flu shot. If you have any questions, or if you have special health concerns, please ask your doctor if the flu shot is right for you. If you do not want to get a flu shot, just let staff know when they come to your door.

Here’s what you need to do to get your flu shot:

  • Wear a short-sleeved shirt.
  • Bring your ID with you.
  • Wait in your apartment. Staff will come and get you when it’s time to come down to the dining room to get your shot.
  • We will start at 9:00am and expect the clinic to run throughout the day.
  • When you get to the clinic we’ll have a consent form ready for you to sign.

Lunch will be served to all residents in their apartments on the day of the clinic. Thank you for being patient with us as we get these vaccinations done!

Trish Giesbrecht
Interim Nurse Manager

Independent Living (IL) Apartments Information: What to expect if you’re on self-isolation

The following is a memo detailing what to expect if you’re ever placed on droplet precautions (self-isolation).

We want to share the information so you have an idea of what is involved when you hear that someone has been placed on droplet precautions. Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to staying safe.


What to Expect while on Self-Isolation for any Apartment Resident on Droplet Precautions:


We have placed you on droplet precaution. Reasons for this include having COVID symptoms, testing positive for COVID, being considered a close contact of someone who tested positive, or public health requiring you to self-isolate. We have placed an isolation cart outside your door with personal protective equipment for anyone who is required to enter your suite.

We directly communicate this with you. We encourage you and your primary contact to be in touch with any specific questions or comments.

You must remain in your suite while on droplet precautions. You can request an essential visitor to support you during this time. Please cancel all non-essential appointments. Do not leave your suite to do laundry or take out garbage. Do not have anyone socially visit you in your suite. Do not come out into the hallway. You must stay in your suite. We will deliver your meals to you.

We have arranged for 2 wellness checks daily; one will be when we deliver the meal and another one will be a telephone call. In the event you ill are feeling very unwell, do not hesitate to call 911 for help.

You will remain on droplet precautions UNTIL we hear from public health.

The length of time varies. For example, if you test positive for COVID, it is typically 14 days. If you are placed on droplet precautions due to a building outbreak, the time varies and is determined by public health. We will update you as soon as we have any information for you. You must stay in your suite until you have been told you no longer are required to do so. At that time, we will remove the isolation cart from outside your door.


The following memo was delivered to residents of Terrace West on Friday afternoon, Nov 5:


Dear Residents,

We are pleased to announce that the COVID outbreak in Terrace West is over!

What does this mean for you?

  • You are free to move about the building.
  • You can go out for walks, to run errands and to visit friends and family.
  • The laundry room is open to ALL residents.
  • You can have visitors, provided that they are double vaccinated.
  • The hairdresser is open.

Please continue to follow all safety precautions:

  • Wear your mask
  • Stay six feet apart
  • Wash your hands often
  • Be careful around groups and try to avoid crowds
  • If you have symptoms of COVID, please go and get a COVID test


The dining room remains closed temporarily while we work out a safety plan (the same as we have done for Terrace East). Our aim is to get you back into the dining room as soon as we can.

Visiting Terrace East

The doors to Terrace East remain closed for now. One of the best ways to keep everyone safe is to keep the buildings separated. We will let you know when this changes.

Thank you for working together to keep everyone safe. We appreciate you!

COVID booster shots happening Monday November 8 for Terrace West & Primrose Gardens residents

The residents of Terrace West & Primrose Gardens received the following memo on Friday afternoon Nov 5:

Dear Residents,

Fraser Health will be on campus on Monday, November 8 to give a third COVID vaccine shot (a booster) to all residents who want one.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Wear a short-sleeved top on Monday.
  • Wait in your apartment. Staff will come and get you when it’s your turn. The clinic will be happening throughout the day.
  • Bring photo ID with you. We will have the form ready for you to sign when you get the dining room.
  • Lunch will be served in your apartment on Monday as we will be using the dining room for the vaccine clinic.

If you do not want to get a booster shot, just let staff know when they come to your door.

If you have not received your first or second COVID vaccine dose yet, you can get it on Monday, just let the staff know.


If you have any questions please call Trish Giesbrecht, Interim Nurse Manager at