Visitors to Independent Living – Pavilion, Terrace West, Primrose Gardens


As the prevalence of COVID increases in our community, please use all the safety measures available to keep your loved one and their neighbours safe.

Although the Public Health Order calls for rapid testing for all visitors on the Menno Place campus, the inventory does not allow for rapid testing at the Independent Living Apartments. Please continue to self-screen (no symptoms), practice safe distance from others (6ft), wear a mask at all times (even with your loved one) and use hand hygiene (frequently) in order to enter the apartment building.

Continue to advise your loved one of all the layers of protection. We heard today from the Medical Health Officer that the efficacy of the vaccine increases from 60% to 75% with the 3rd booster shot. If your loved one is not fully vaccinated, please encourage them to become fully vaccinated.

Currently, our vaccination rates in the Apartments are:

Fully vaccinated (2 shots plus booster):

  • Pavilion: 69%
  • Terrace West: 79%
  • Primrose Gardens: 77%
  • Terrace East: 93%

On Dec. 31, 2021, Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC Public Health Officer announced that only essential visitors will be allowed to visit residents in long-term care: Menno Home and Menno Hospital – CLICK HERE FOR ANNOUNCEMENT

Assisted Living (Terrace East) continues social visits for residents with rapid test.

Independent Living continues social visits for vaccinated visitors.