Visits to Menno Home and Menno Hospital – What changes January 1, 2022?

January 1 – 18 (date of reassessment) – Essential Visitors Only in long-term care – Menno Home and Menno Hospital

Only Essential visitors may enter long-term care homes effective January 1, 2022. This order from Dr. Bonnie Henry will be reassessed on January 18th.

Essential visitors are only set up with the nursing team in conjunction with the resident’s care plan. Essential visitors are being contacted by our nursing team – these visitors are based on the current resident care plan. Screening and rapid testing (2x per week) will be required for all essential visitors.

Assisted Living: Social visits permitted with negative rapid test
Independent Living: Self-Screening for visitors. Rapid tests not available at this time due to limited inventory.
What is an essential visit? (Fraser Health definition): Essential visits are necessarily linked with an essential need identified in the care plan that could not be met in the absence of the essential visit. Essential visits are those that include, but are not limited to2:
• Visits for compassionate care, including critical illness, palliative care, hospice care, end of life
• Visits paramount to the resident’s physical care and mental well-being, including:
o Assistance with feeding
o Assistance with mobility
o Assistance with personal care
o Communication assistance for persons with hearing, visual, speech, cognitive, intellectual or memory impairments
o Assistance by designated representatives for persons with disabilities, including provision of emotional support
• Visits for supported decision making
• Visits required to move belongings in or out of resident’s room
• Police, correctional officers and peace officers accompanying a resident for security reasons