UDPATE: Masks Are Now Optional for Residents

Effective April 27, 2022 residents will have the choice of whether or not to wear their mask when they are in the common spaces of the apartment building.

Although we will no longer ask residents to put a mask on, we do recommend that they wear a mask as an additional layer of protection from this very infectious variant of COVID. Their decision to wear a mask or not should be based on how “at-risk” they are for severe illness if they contract COVID. Residents can figure out their risk by filling out this worksheet.

On the risk assessment page you will see a list of “at-risk” conditions along with a chart that indicates how  age, gender and number of vaccinations factor into the risk of hospitalization. The average fully vaccinated female who is over 80 years of age with 2 at-risk conditions will have a 2.9% risk of severe COVID and hospitalization. A male in the same category has a 3.9% risk of severe COVID and hospitalization.

The highest risk is for those who are unvaccinated where the risk of severe illness and hospitalization is as high as 83.7%. If a resident has not yet been vaccinated, consider how the risk of severe COVID can be as low as 1.1% if they are fully vaccinated and have no “at-risk” conditions. Once the risk percentage has been calculated, residents can make an informed decision about how many layers of protection they will use to keep safe from COVID. Layers of protection include hand sanitizing, mask wearing, social distancing (6 feet) and vaccination, including the 4th booster shot.

The highest risk of contracting COVID is when a resident and another individual are without masks and within 6 feet from each other. This can happen in the elevator, at the dining room table, playing pool, in a car, at church and passing each other or talking in the hallway. If a resident is concerned about their own safety in any of these situations, it’s safest to wear a  mask. It is a good choice, no matter what others are doing.

Visitors, family, friends, contracted help and all staff must continue to wear masks inside the apartment buildings and when providing residents with personal care. Unvaccinated visitors are not permitted to visit inside the apartment buildings.

Please report any symptoms of COVID to the Receptionist.