Social visits in Home & Hospital resume on March 11, 2022!


We are pleased to write to you today about the recent announcements that were made by Dr. Bonnie Henry around changes to visitation in long-term care. With the downward trend that BC is experiencing in COVID-19 cases and outbreaks, along with a different type of severity of the virus, visitation is long-term care and assisted living will be adjusted to allow for social visitation by  no later than March 18th.

With the amazing team of Visitation Hosts, led by Garry Janzen, Life Enrichment Coordinator, we will begin social visits on Friday, March 11th! We know you’ve been waiting for this – we are so excited to have the Visitation Host program set up to make these rapid changes! This is a positive change, as it allows opportunities for further connection between residents and their families.

We have been instructed to return to the previous protocols for visits. Despite this change, other measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 remain in place, including rapid testing, checking proof of vaccination, mask wearing, physical distancing, and handwashing.

  • Visits may happen between 10am and 6pm. These are the hours where a Visitation Host is available to screen you in.
  • Pre-book any evening visits after 6pm by arranging with the nurse on the unit to be permitted entrance and screened for COVID.
  • Visitors will continue to be screened for signs of illness, including a temperature check on arrival
  • Visitors will still need to provide contact tracing information
  • Indoor social visits are  limited to one visitor at a time in shared rooms, or two visitors at a time in private rooms. We ask that you are sensitive to the needs of the resident and visit in smaller groups.
  • Visitors will be asked to show proof of vaccination status. Menno Place will retain this information to provide to public health if needed.
  • No Social visits will be allowed if the care home is on “outbreak” or “enhanced monitoring”
  • Visits will still take place primarily in the resident room or apartment suite
  • Visitors will continue to socially distance (6ft from others) and use effective hand hygiene
  • “Outings” (where the resident leaves the enclosed unit/building) must be arranged with the nurse and use the sign-out/sign-in protocol
  • Visitors will wear a medical grade mask (supplied by Menno Place) throughout the course of their time in the building, including when they are with their loved one

There is no change to visits in Terrace East, Assisted Living as social visitors have been permitted throughout this phase of safety protocols.