September 23, 2021 – Menno Home W2 – OFF Enhanced Monitoring!!!!

COVID UPDATE – September 23, 2021 – Menno Home W2 Off Enhanced Monitoring!

We are so pleased to bring you the announcement today that the Medical Health Officer has called Menno Home W2 off Enhanced Monitoring – all visits, activities and resident movement returns to normal!

We welcome you back to visit your loved one!

Although the fully vaccinated visitors is allowed to take off their mask when alone with their loved one, we are asking that you exercise caution and do not do so. As you know, a COVID exposure on a unit puts all residents into isolation in their rooms until the Medical Health Officer is assured that COVID will not be transmitted. As COVID continues to grow in prevalence in our community, the possibility of being asymptomatic and COVID positive increases – even for the fully vaccinated.

We are asking you to continue to provide the safest visits for your loved one and their neighbours by keeping your ask on throughout your time in all of our buildings.

See you soon!