Visitors – Apartments

No person or persons other than those to whom the accommodation is rented are permistted to reside on the premises. Subletting of the premises is not permitted.

Residents are responsible to ensure that their visitors abide by the Building Rules and Regulations and Menno Place values.

Visiting pets are permitted in suites and common areas except the Dining Room and Bistro areas. Pets must be on a leash at all times. Residents are responsible to ensure any mess left by the pet is cleaned up.

Guest Meals – Apartments

Guest meals are offered to visitors at a cost of $8.00 per meal at the Terrace and Pavilion and $9.00 at Primrose Gardens.

We do request 24-hour notice for a visitor.

There are a limited number of guest meal reservations available. Please put your request in early to avoid disappointment.

Guest Suites – Apartments and Long Term Care

There are four (4) Guest Suites available for the visiting guests of Menno Place residents. To book a Guest Suite, please contact the Reception Office.               

The cost of a guest suite in the Pavilion or Terrace buildings is $60.00 per night.
The guest suite at Primrose Gardens is $90.00 per night.

Check-in time is 3:00 PM and check-out time is 11:00 AM.

We accept cash or cheques only for payment.

If you require coffee, tea or other sundries, please notify the office.

Please note, the suites are not cleaned during a guests stay.

To rent a guest suite, call 604.851.4000

Visitor Access to Your Building – Apartments

There is an Enterphone at the entrance of all buildings.

Visitors can notify you by pressing your phone code on the touch pad when they arrive. When someone is at the door and buzzing your suite you will hear two quick rings.

Lift your handset and find out who it is. If you know them tell them your suite # and then press 6 to allow entry and then hang up. If you choose to not let someone in simply hang up and do not press 6.

If you are on the phone and you get the two quick rings from the entry door, tell your caller to hold and then press the FLASH button on your phone. This puts your caller on hold and allows you to speak with the person at the door. After you have pressed 6    to open the main door you will automatically be reconnected with your caller.

For the security of all, please do not allow anyone into the building that you do not know.

Companion Aides – Long Term Care

You may wish to hire the services of a trained Companion Aide through a local home support agency. 

Companions may visit, read, take you on outings, or do crafts with you.  

Services are available through a variety of companies in the community.

Families are responsible to organize and arrange companion service on your behalf. Payment for companion service is your responsibility.

Personal Visits – Long Term Care

Visitors are welcome and encouraged to visit anytime.

Our courtyards, gardens, Café and sun decks are designed to provide you and visitors with fresh air, beautiful flowers and greenery. 

All buildings on the campus are secure. Doors are secured at night.

To access the building after hours, the outdoor intercom system must be used. An access code is required and is available through the receptionist.

We ask that all visitors be aware of those around you when leaving secured areas. Please help us keep people safe.

Visitors, family, and friends may come at any time.

Please check with the nurse regarding bringing in food and special treats, re: specialized diet to ensure the safety of our residents.

We encourage families and friends to visit regularly and join activities; we ask that small children be accompanied by an adult. 

How to make visits special?  

Visitors can: Bring and read a book or newspaper aloud or listen to music with you. Bring in photographs or colorful pictures to look at.

Go to a different area and play a game.

Help with personal grooming (nails, shaving, or mend clothes together).

Bring in grandchildren or pets.

Take you outside on a nice day or for a short car ride or walk if you are able.