Lest We Forget – Remembrance Day 2021

Today we pause to remember and lament the horrors of war.

We remember Canadian soldiers who died in wars past:
The First World War, Second World War, Korean War,
Afghanistan War.
We remember the young men – and also women – who never returned home.

We remember their families, their friends and their communities.
We grieve with them.
We remember those who were disabled or traumatized,
We acknowledge their pain.

We also remember all people who suffered the devastation of past wars,
both soldiers and civilians:
Those who were wounded and disabled,
Those whose loved ones were killed,
Those who were separated from family members,
Those who had to flee their homes,
Those who witnessed unimaginable horrors.
We remember the suffering of allies and enemies alike.

We remember all people who continue to suffer the scourge of violent
Those who are hungry and thirsty,
Those who are on the run, without shelter and comfort,
Those who are sick or injured and need care,
Those who live with the sound of guns and bombs around
Those who are caught in cycles of violence they can’t escape,
Those who are paralyzed with fear.
We remember the suffering of allies and enemies alike.

We lament the horror of war, but we also name our hopes for a world
of peace.

And so we remember people who bind up the wounds of war:
Those who work to end hostility,
Those who provide aid in war zones,
Those who care for the sick and the dying,
Those who defend human rights,
Those who welcome refugees.

We remember people who actively build peace:
Those who say No to killing and bombing,
Those who work to resolve conflicts through dialogue and
Those who seek to address the root causes of violence,
Those who practice nonviolent resistance in the face of injustice,
Those who build bridges of friendship and reconciliation with
their enemies.

We remember those who demonstrate that another way IS possible.
May we also show that another way IS possible.

From: MCC Canada, Written by Christine Bar
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