MEMO: Terrace West Visitation Guidelines

We are noticing a significant spread of COVID in Terrace West and Terrace East. As of today, August 25th, we are putting a couple of safety measures in place to help limit the spread of COVID in our community.

Visitors are welcome in Terrace West provided they follow these guidelines:

  1. All visitors must sign in at the door and self-screen. If a visitor feels sick they should not enter the building.
  2. All visitors are required to wear a mask.
  3. Visits must take place in your apartment or outside. No visitors are allowed in public areas of the building – ie lounges, the bistro space, etc.
  4. We recommend visitors take a rapid test. Tests will be available at the door.

Meals will be delivered outside your door and placed on the black crates. Dietary staff will knock to let you know the meal has arrived.

There will be extra recreation programming on Channel 10 to help keep everyone connected while in-person activities are on hold. You can find further details about daily COVID numbers on our website:

Please limit your movement going between Terrace West and Terrace East. You can access the wellness center if needed, but please do not visit in other buildings on campus.

If you feel unwell or have any COVID symptoms please call reception to request a rapid test: 604-851-4004. If you test yourself and it comes back positive, please let us know.