Memo: Terrace Dining Room Closed

We are sorry to report that as of today there are 11 COVID positive residents in the Terraces – 8 in Terrace East and 3 in Terrace West. The affected residents are isolating in their apartments. Because of this increase in cases the Public Health office has put some extra measures in place to keep everyone safe.

Here’s what changes starting Tuesday:

  1. The Terrace dining room is closed. Staff will bring your meals and snacks to you in your apartment starting with morning snack Tuesday morning.
  2. All in person recreation activities, including bus trips, are cancelled. Channel 10 programming will continue.
  3. We recommend that all residents wear a mask whenever you are outside of your apartment.
  4. Menno Home and Menno Hospital MIGHT make changes to their visitation rules. Please call ahead before going to visit a loved one.

We are NOT in lockdown. You are still free to leave your apartment, move around the building, visit other residents, go outside, run errands and receive visitors. Please be careful. Please do not visit with residents who have an isolation cart outside their apartment.

If you start to feel unwell press your call button and let the care staff know. If you have any questions please call reception 604-851-4004.