Changes to infection control protocols for Independent Living residents

Effective May 6, 2022
Residents who are exposed to COVID-19 are no longer required to isolate for 5 days:
FIRST 5 DAYS: residents exposed to COVID-19 must wear a mask whenever they are out of their suite in common areas of the building or public areas
  • Meals will be delivered in the suite
  • No group activities
  • Vaccinated visitors are permitted
  • Rapid tests available
AFTER 5 DAYS: If residents do NOT have symptoms, they may return to dining room and group activities.
Residents may not return to dining or group activities until any symptoms have resolved.
1. Self-isolate immediately. Do not leave your apartment for any reason. Have family or friends provide you with essentials and support you with your care.
2. Inform Reception or the Kitchen (on weekends).
3. Do NOT come to the dining room or join any activities. If you test positive for COVID, we will provide an isolation cart and further instructions.