Registered Visitor/Family Member

Thank you for your care and concern for a loved one living in one of: Pavilion, Terrace West, Primrose Gardens. Together, we will keep your loved ones safe and secure from COVID-19.

The Registered Visitor/Family Member Program is put into place in order to minimize the risk of COVID-19 entering the building while providing essential support to the residents.

If you have questions related to this program, please contact Cheryl Dawes, Manager, Community Enrichment: 604.851.4020

Registered Visitor / Family Member Agreements:

  1. I will comply with all current and new orders of the BC Public Health Officer including social distancing which means remaining 6 feet away from the resident and other residents within the apartment building. This also means remaining 6 feet away from the resident for whom I am applying to visit unless providing personal hygiene services.
  2. I will comply with self-monitoring for symptoms of COVID-19 and will IMMEDIATELY cease visits should I have a fever, shortness of breath or cough – or any other flu-like symptoms. I will inform Menno Place if I develop symptoms (Nik: 604.851.4006)
  3. I understand that the goal of this registration program is to limit the number of people who can bring COVID-19 into the apartment building and into the apartment suite of my loved one. I will cooperate with this goal in every way.
  4. I understand that, apart from a Fraser Health Home Health caregiver and the delivery of medication by a pharmacy, I am the ONLY one who will visit this resident or enter the Apartment Building.
  5. I understand that privately paid healthcare workers will be permitted on a case-by-case approval ONLY. I will contact Nik Van Egdom if required – 604.851.4006
  6. I understand that a privately paid housekeeper can ONLY provide services if the housekeeper is the ONE Registered Visitor / Family Member and that there will be no exceptions made.
  7. I will only enter and exit by the identified Main Entrance of the building where the resident lives. I will travel only between the Main Entrance and the apartment suite of the resident. I will not enter any other apartment buildings.
  8. I understand that the entrances to the Apartment buildings are under video surveillance and are monitored.
  9. I will sign in and out at EVERY visit at the sign-in sheet in the Main Entrance, completing the COVID-19 symptoms screening questions each time.
  10. I will comply with best practices of hand washing and infection control, washing hands IMMEDIATELY upon entering the Apartment building.
  11. I will only visit the ONE resident for whom I am a Registered Visitor / Family Member. If there are two people (married couple or siblings) living in an apartment suite, I will be the ONE Registered Visitor / Family Member for both residents.
  12. I will only visit this resident at the door of their apartment suite unless I am providing personal hygiene. I will not go anywhere else in the apartment building.
  13. I will minimize my visits to as few as are essential. Strong recommendation: Once per week unless you are providing personal hygiene for the individual.
  14. I will limit my visits to key services: grocery delivery, medication delivery, personal laundry pickup/drop-off, housekeeping and personal hygiene.
  15. I will do my social visiting with this resident by phone or online, understanding that the Registered Visitor / Family Member provides key services which do not include social visits
  16. I will limit my visit to the minimum time required, choosing to do time-consuming tasks outside of this building (meal preparation and laundry).
  17. I understand that the resident you wish to visit must confirm with Menno Place that you are the ONE they approve to be the Registered Visitor /Family member. Confirmation of my registration will be provided to me by Menno Place.
  18. I understand that I will be asked to upload a photo of myself for the photo ID badge. I give permission to use this photo on the photo ID badge. Without this photo, I will not be confirmed as a Registered Visitor / Family Member.
  19. After I receive confirmation, I will be given a non-transferable badge to wear when I visit. I agree not share it with others. I will wear it visibly at all times while in the apartment building.
  20. I agree to comply with any request by Menno Place or security put in place by Menno Place to produce proof of identity (photo ID) to verify that I am the Registered Visitor / Family Member. I understand that failing to do so will result in removal from the apartment building or removal of Registered Visitor / Family Member Visitor privileges.
  21. If I have COVID-19 symptoms and I need to cease visits, I will notify Menno Place. My Registered Visitor / Family Member privileges will be revoked and another individual may apply to be the Registered Visitor / Family Member for this ONE resident.
  22. I agree that if I do not comply with these Terms, my Registered Visitor / Family Member privileges will be revoked.
  23. I am the only one filling out this application form to be the Registered Visitor / Family Member for this resident.

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