Karen Biggs, CEO, announces her retirement

Karen Biggs, CEO, announces her retirement for December 31, 2022

Karen began her service as the CEO of Menno Place in May of 2013. As she moves into this next season of retirement, her focus will be on her continued care for the love of her life, her husband, Peter.

Karen shares, “When the Lord led me to this amazing campus, I had no idea how much it would bless me over and over. The Leadership team is an amazing group of individuals who care passionately about each other and about the seniors we serve with compassion, fervor and a deep and abiding faith.” We thank you, Karen for leading the Leadership Team who, in turn, led with confidence and vision in their roles.

Karen’s leadership is visionary and innovative – she led changes that included putting financial investment into the campus. This includes the Primrose Gardens putting green, the Living Waters Garden, the upgrades to the Chalet garden and the Courtyard.

Karen has the unique position of being both the leader of Menno Place and a family member as her husband, Peter, lives in Menno Home. She is a devoted advocate to the Resident and Family Centered-Care philosophy that undergirds our care for seniors.

With 42 years of serving seniors as a nurse leader, including 9.5 years at Menno Place, Karen is completing a lifetime commitment to the vulnerable who need our support and care. We thank you for your service, Karen, and bless you as you prepare for the next season of retirement. May you find great joy in the journey!

This is a photo of Karen and Peter enjoying the journey together!

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The Mennonite Benevolent Society Board have begun their search for our next CEO who will ensure our founder’s legacy of a living Christian faith as they lead us into the future.

Peter and Karen on their wedding day – June 13, 2020

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