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Resident and Visitor Parking – Apartments

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Underground parking is available for residents that drive. There is a monthly fee for using a parking space in the parkade. The Reception Office will assist you with assigning a parking stall and supplying the garage door opener.

Visitors can park on the Menno Place Campus side of Primrose Street and Brundige Street.

During weekdays, a Parking Pass is required for Primrose or Brundige Street Parking and is available at the Primrose Gardens or Terrace East Reception.                         

Visitor Paid Parking is also available around the Menno Place Campus in spots that are marked VISITOR.

Residents of the Pavilion, Terrace East and Terrace West may purchase a Monthly Visitor Parking Pass for the Menno Place Campus. This parking pass is available through Impark.

See Reception Office for details.