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Visitor Access to Your Building – Apartments

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There is an Enterphone at the entrance of all buildings.

Visitors can notify you by pressing your phone code on the touch pad when they arrive. When someone is at the door and buzzing your suite you will hear two quick rings.

Lift your handset and find out who it is. If you know them tell them your suite # and then press 6 to allow entry and then hang up. If you choose to not let someone in simply hang up and do not press 6.

If you are on the phone and you get the two quick rings from the entry door, tell your caller to hold and then press the FLASH button on your phone. This puts your caller on hold and allows you to speak with the person at the door. After you have pressed 6    to open the main door you will automatically be reconnected with your caller.

For the security of all, please do not allow anyone into the building that you do not know.