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Billing: Pre-authorized payments through automatic debit will be processed on the first of each month or the first business day after the first.

Any additional charges incurred throughout the previous month will be included in the monthly debit and you will be issued a statement of account and a receipt.

Hydro: When you move in, an account must be set up with B.C. Hydro.

The Apartments at Menno Place requires BC Hydro service to be in your name.

BC Hydro – Service Confirmation: Transfer of service and new accounts can be done via telephone or on-line with the computer. Call BC Hydro toll free at 1 (800) 224 9376 or go on-line at:

You will be given a form with your Tenancy Agreement paperwork that provides you with easy instructions. Please return this form to reception.

This does not apply to Primrose Gardens, Private Pay Assisted Living or Fraser Health Subsidized Assisted Living, as hydro is included in the rental package.