Safety – Safe Movement Long Term Care

We encourage you to join us in supporting a safe resident environment.

Self-mobility and independence are encouraged whenever practical staff are available to help if you need assistance.

If issues related to your mobility should arise, the Occupational Therapist will conduct an assessment to determine appropriate assistive equipment and repositioning aids to help you, and your caregivers, move safely.

Personal Equipment Aids – Long Term Care

We strongly believe in providing you with the best quality and the safest care possible.

Should the need arise, our Occupational Therapist is available to help you choose specialized equipment that best suit your needs.

Basic wheelchairs are provided free of charge.

Specialized equipment may be available for rent.

Our OT will advise if equipment is suggested for purchase.

Menno Place stocks a limited supply of certain commonly used items, such as toilet seat risers and hip protectors. These are for sale at cost to the resident. Purchase costs are your responsibility.

Our Social Worker can help determine your eligibility to access extended health or third party payer benefits.

We request that you have your personal assistive equipment (including electric wheelchairs) inspected and serviced regularly.

For repairs you can choose a private company to do the repairs or request the Menno Place Maintenance Department for a quote to repair resident owned equipment.

Menno Place is not responsible for the cost of maintenance, repair or replacement of these items.

If you have questions regarding our equipment rental program, please speak with our nursing staff and they will provide you with a brochure and direct you to the appropriate person.