Personal Help Button /Emergency Response – Assited Living

If you have an emergency or need help, push the Personal Help Button that is provided to you.

There is a wall mounted emergency button located in the bedroom of each apartment as well.

The telephone system is activated when the button is pushed, and the care staff on duty will respond to see what help you need.

The pendant will not work if you are on the phone at the same time as you push the pendant.

If your phone is off the hook, the pendant will not work.

Assisted Living – Welcome

We are pleased that you have chosen to make your new home with us.

This handbook will give you general contact numbers and information about Assisted Living at Menno Place.

If you have any questions, please call reception at 604-851-4004.

Assisted living is intended for people who are able to select and direct the personal assistance services they need.

The care principals of assisted living – choice, privacy, independence, individuality, dignity, and respect – derive from a recognition that adults, even when they need support and assistance in daily life, retain the ability and right to manage their own lives.

Assisted living enables residents to maintain their privacy by living independently in their own lockable personal space within the residence.

Residents maintain dignity by making choices about their daily activities, based on personal preferences and lifestyle. When required, staff provide the assistance that is least intrusive and support residents to live as independently as possible.

Meals – Assisted Living

Lunch is served at 12 noon. Announcements and prayer are done prior to the meal so you should plan on being in the dining room by 11:50am.

The Supper Meal at the Terraces and Primrose Gardens is served at 5pm. This is offered as an optional package for Independent Living residents. If you are interested in purchasing this option inquire at the Reception Office.

The supper meal is included in the rental package for Terrace East Assisted Living residents, both Private Pay and Fraser Health residents.

If you are ill or will miss your meal due to a medical appointment you can request at Reception for your meal to be set aside for you to pick up on your return or have another resident bring it to your suite. You may also choose to attend supper instead. Please note: choosing to eat supper instead of the lunch meal must be on the same day of the missed lunch meal.

The Manager of Food Services will meet with the residents from time to time so that you might have input into Menu choices and dining room services.

Leonard Klassen – Life Enrichment Coordinator

My name is Leonard Klassen, and I am the Life Enrichment Coordinator (LEC) at the Menno Place Apartments.

The team at Menno Place, as well as your neighbors, want to welcome you as an important part of our community.

We encourage you to get to know the people you live with and find out who they are and where they come from. Let us get to know you as well, as residents like yourself make Menno Place the one-of-a-kind environment that it is.
It is our sincere desire to support you and your family as you make this transition to your new home. We understand that moving homes can be a challenging time and we want to do whatever we can to make this change as seamless as possible.

As Life Enrichment Coordinator, alongside the Menno Place team, I am here to help facilitate Resident and Family Centered Care and support you and your family through all the transitions from move-in to goodbye. I look forward to getting to know you and your family!

Making connections is always an important part of getting to know your new surroundings. We are pleased that you have chosen to make your new home with us. 

Our team has gone to great lengths to ensure your apartment provides comfort, convenience, safety, and privacy. The Resident handbook will give you general contact numbers and information about the buildings here at the Apartments at Menno Place. 

Where to find me?

My office is in the foyer of Primrose Gardens. My office telephone number is 604-851-4006 and my cell phone number is 604-835-9522.

Alternatively, you may contact the Reception Office.

Terrace & Pavilion Reception Office – 604 851-4004.

Primrose Gardens Reception Office – 604 851-4000.

Email me:

Terrace East Apartments Address – Assited Living

2021 Primrose St.
Abbotsford, BC V2S 2Y9
Fax: 604.851.4015