Personal Help Button /Emergency Response – Assited Living

If you have an emergency or need help, push the Personal Help Button that is provided to you.

There is a wall mounted emergency button located in the bedroom of each apartment as well.

The telephone system is activated when the button is pushed, and the care staff on duty will respond to see what help you need.

The pendant will not work if you are on the phone at the same time as you push the pendant.

If your phone is off the hook, the pendant will not work.

Telephone – Apartments

For Pavilion residents only: Once you have selected your suite, you should contact Telus to arrange for your telephone hookup. Each suite has been pre-wired.

If your phone is to be connected before you move in and the Telus technician requires access to your suite to complete the connection, kindly notify the reception office at Terrace East.

For Terrace West, Terrace East, and Primrose Gardens residents, the Life Enrichment Coordinator will assign and activate your telephone prior to your move-in date.

Telephone – Long Term Care

You can contact an independent outside service provider (Telus or Shaw) to have a private phone installed.

All costs, including installation, are your responsibility.

We ask that all bills for services be mailed directly to the family/friend handling your financial affairs.