Sewing Services – Long Term Care

Seamstress service is outsourced by Menno Place.

Please contact your nurse for information regarding any alterations you may require.

Pick up, delivery and payment is arranged between you and the seamstress. 

Dental Services – Long Term Care

During your first 4 to 6 weeks, an Onsite Dental Professional will assess your oral needs.

Menno Place is required to offer services for yearly oral assessments.

The services of the Dental Professional are optional.

If you choose to not accept the on-site dental services, you or your family will need to arrange dental services from an alternate source.

Annual check-ups are recommended.

Any costs incurred for dental services are the sole responsibility of the resident/family.

Companion Aides – Long Term Care

You may wish to hire the services of a trained Companion Aide through a local home support agency. 

Companions may visit, read, take you on outings, or do crafts with you.  

Services are available through a variety of companies in the community.

Families are responsible to organize and arrange companion service on your behalf. Payment for companion service is your responsibility.

Audiology (Hearing) Services – Long Term Care

Hearing assessments and services are available at hearing clinics in the community.

You need to make your own arrangements. Payment for these services is your responsibility.