Moving Out of Long Term Care

When people move in to Menno Place Long Term Care, we understand that this may be their last home. When a residents time here changes, either through a transfer/discharge to another care provider or by death, the resident’s belongings must be claimed and removed within two (2) days (including day of death). The balance of the rent will be refunded less any outstanding trust charges. This process could take up to 45 days from discharge.

Financial Information – Rent During Absence – Apartments

We encourage you to enjoy holidays and trips.

Your rent will be collected even when you are absent from the suite or the building, including if you would be transferred temporarily to an outside health care facility.

Meals are considered part of rent.

Financial Information – Payment of Rent – Apartments

Your rent is payable on the first day of every month through the Pre-Authorized Payment plan.

It is important to pay your rent on time as agreed in the tenancy agreement.

If the rent is late, Menno Apartments may issue a notice-to-end the Agreement, which may take effect not earlier than 10 days after the date you have received the notice. 

Late payments, returned, or non-sufficient funds (NSF) cheques are subject to an administrative fee of $35.00 each, plus the amount of any service fees charged by a financial institution to Menno Apartments.

Finance – Managing Finances – Long Term Care

We encourage you, your family or your designated person to continue managing your personal finances.

If you need support, our Social Worker is happy to provide information about accessing financial options available to you, including the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee.

The Social Worker can also help you decide who your most financially responsible person should be, should the need arise.

Monthly payments for your stay are made in advance at the beginning of each month.

The total current charges are shown on your Statement of Account.

Pre-authorized Payments are set-up through direct debit from your bank account at time of Move-in.

For questions about your billing statement call Accounts Receivable 604-851-4005.