Apex Pharmacy

Apex Pharmacy is located on the first floor in the Pavilion building: 604-870-0170

Pharmacy – Apartments

Rexall Drugs has a Pharmacy on site at the Pavilion.

It is located on the main floor down the hallway just west of the main entrance.

The hours are 10am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

If you have a prescription to be filled, you may drop it in the drop box located in the Terrace Wellness Centre.

They will fill the prescription and deliver it directly to you.

You must set up an account with Rexall in order to be able to use this service. The Rexall phone number is (604) 870 0171.

Medications – Long Term Care

When living in a care home all medication is provided by our pharmacy per Licensing Regulations.

Prescriptions and over the counter medications will be provided by Abbotsford Regional Hospital or Rexall Pharmacy. All medications are packaged in accordance with the requirements of the Residential Care Regulations and Pharmacy bylaws.

Menno Place nurses do not administer medications that cannot be identified accurately by the Pharmacist or that are not ordered by your physician.

Medications are supplied in various forms – i.e. creams, ointments, liquids, drops, patches and pills.

You are asked to bring all medications you are taking with you when you move in. The care home has daily delivery from the Pharmacy. Medications are stored in locked medication rooms.

Medication includes over-the-counter non-prescription items. Examples of these are: Vicks Vapour Rub, cough syrup, laxatives, and creams to treat pain (Voltaren, A535), vitamins and any natural or homeopathic remedies.

When new prescriptions are ordered we will arrange for their delivery. We will notify you if your doctor prescribes medication not covered by PharmaCare; payment for these prescriptions may be your responsibility.

As people age, our bodies are not able to break down medications easily. Sometimes too many medications cause side effects and drug interactions that may cause more harm than good. That doesn’t mean that all medications are bad or unnecessary or should be avoided.

It does mean that anything you put into your body involves a balance between risk and benefit; the more medications involved, the more complex the balance is to figure out.

Every 6 months, your doctor, pharmacist and nurse review the medications you take and make suggestions which will be discussed with you or your health care decision maker.

Suggestions are made to reduce or replace medications with less problematic medications, while being monitored for results. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the safety and quality of your life at Menno Place.