Hair Salons – Apartments

There is a Hair Salon in the Terraces and in the Pavilion. A phone number for the Hairdresser as well as the service rates are posted on the salon doors.

Please call the hairdresser directly to make an appointment. Payment is made directly to the Hairdresser.

Laundry – Doing Your own – Apartments

The laundry rooms are open 24/7 and you may use the laundry rooms at any time as there is no schedule.

Please remove your laundry in a timely manner so others can use the machines.

Indicate on the white board your suite number when washing laundry.

Please use appropriate laundry soap for the HE (high efficiency) machines.

Pavilion: The laundry room is located on the main floor at the very west end of the building near the elevator. There is a charge of $1.00 to wash. There is no charge for drying.

Terrace West: The laundry room is located on the 2nd floor just around the corner from the elevator. The machines are free to operate.

Terrace East: There is a laundry room on every floor except the first floor. The rooms are located next to the centre elevator. The machines are free to operate.

Primrose Gardens: Laundry rooms are located on floors 1, 2, 4 and 6. Exit the elevator to the right and the laundry rooms are the first door on the right. The machines are free to operate.

Foot Care – Apartments

A Registered Foot Care Nurse is available for residents. 

Please see Reception or refer to your recreation calendar for times and location in your building.

Payment is made directly to the Foot Care Nurse.

Recreation Activities – Apartments

At the beginning of each month you will receive a “Calendar of Events” The calendar will show all the events that are scheduled for the month. The Calendar of Events is subject to change.

There are often un-scheduled events that take place at The Apartments at Menno Place.

Information is posted in the buildings describing what will happen and where. The noon hour announcements will also give details of changes or additions to the Recreation Calendar.

Social and Recreational Programs
 Self-directed social and recreational programming is an important aspect of life at The Apartments at Menno Place lifestyle. Its purpose is to promote independence and life enrichment.

The overall goals are:

  • To promote and maintain lifetime interests
  • To promote physical, psychological, spiritual, mental and social wellness through activities that stimulate and activate
  • To promote self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment
  • To promote a sense of community involvement, contribution and usefulness
  • To promote choice and involvement in decision-making
  • To promote independence

Activities include programs from the Recreation department, projects amongst residents and the involvement of groups from the community at large.

Meals – Independent Living Apartments

Lunch is served in each of the dining rooms at 12 noon. Announcements and prayer are done prior to the meal so you should plan on being in the dining room by 11:50am.

The Supper Meal at the Terraces and Primrose Gardens is served at 5pm. This is offered as an optional package for Independent Living residents. If you are interested in purchasing this option inquire at the Reception Office.

The supper meal is included in the rental package for Terrace East Assisted Living residents, both Private Pay and Fraser Health residents.

If you are ill or will miss your meal due to a medical appointment you can request at Reception for your meal to be set aside for you to pick up on your return or have another resident bring it to your suite.

You may also choose to attend supper instead. Please note: choosing to eat supper instead of the lunch meal must be on the same day of the missed lunch meal.

The Manager of Dining Experience will meet with the residents from time to time so that you might have input into Menu choices and dining room services.

Pharmacy – Apartments

Rexall Drugs has a Pharmacy on site at the Pavilion.

It is located on the main floor down the hallway just west of the main entrance.

The hours are 10am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

If you have a prescription to be filled, you may drop it in the drop box located in the Terrace Wellness Centre.

They will fill the prescription and deliver it directly to you.

You must set up an account with Rexall in order to be able to use this service. The Rexall phone number is (604) 870 0171.

Apartments – Your Neigbourhood – Apartments

We encourage you and your family to get to know your new neighbourhood. There are a number of areas you may want to discover and experience as you live here.

The Bistros in the Pavilion, Terrace West and Primrose buildings are available for a beverage and snack.

The Bistro is open daily from 8:30 am to 11am and 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm.

There are Common Areas throughout all of the Apartments at Menno Place. These areas are for residents to sit and visit or to participate in activities such as puzzles, ping pong, or billiards.

Please check your daily calendar for specific activities and where they are located. Designated areas can be reserved for your Special Event. See Reception for details.

The Terrace Wellness Centre is located across from the dining room. You are welcome to use the exercise equipment and the blood pressure machine.

The Primrose Gardens Exercise Centre is located past the main entrance lounge in the East hallway. Stay active and enjoy the exercise equipment that is available for your use.

The Pavilion Exercise Centre is located on the third floor lounge.

Between the Menno Home & Hospital buildings, we have The Courtyard. It is a secure, enclosed area that contains a vegetable garden, large trees, and planters with beautiful flowers, refreshing fountains, shady grass and covered areas. You are encouraged to enjoy the sun or shade and on occasion enjoy the guest musicians.

The Living Waters Gardens is a peaceful and beautiful oasis. You can enjoy the lovely flowers and be refreshed by the water feature as you sit in the shade, be reinvigorated by the breeze or delight in a sunny day.

The Hospital Chapel and the Home Chapel hosts many get-togethers, including: Concerts of Care, Sunday Worship Services, Prayer Circles, Catholic Mass, Educational Gatherings, Banquets, and Memorial Services.

If you and your family would like to go off-site for a walk, we have Mill Lake Park only three blocks north of the Menno Place Campus. Mill Lake has something to offer everyone. You’ll find everything from lakeside benches, quiet picnic areas to an impressive spray park and playground area. It is great for a family gathering and still close to home.

What is Independent Living? Apartments

Independent Living

Where are you living? In your own home OR in an Independent Living apartment building (such as Pavilion, Terrace West or Primrose Gardens).

What is life like for you?

· Live on your own without risk to self and others

· You can express yourself

· Take care of your own home / apartment

· Arrange shopping and banking for yourself

· Walk with relative ease (may be using a walker or cane)

· Manage your own hygiene and medications and finances

You may be moving into an Independent Living apartment building at Menno Place.

Your rent includes lunch, bistro, and recreation activities.

Leonard Klassen – Life Enrichment Coordinator

My name is Leonard Klassen, and I am the Life Enrichment Coordinator (LEC) at the Menno Place Apartments.

The team at Menno Place, as well as your neighbors, want to welcome you as an important part of our community.

We encourage you to get to know the people you live with and find out who they are and where they come from. Let us get to know you as well, as residents like yourself make Menno Place the one-of-a-kind environment that it is.
It is our sincere desire to support you and your family as you make this transition to your new home. We understand that moving homes can be a challenging time and we want to do whatever we can to make this change as seamless as possible.

As Life Enrichment Coordinator, alongside the Menno Place team, I am here to help facilitate Resident and Family Centered Care and support you and your family through all the transitions from move-in to goodbye. I look forward to getting to know you and your family!

Making connections is always an important part of getting to know your new surroundings. We are pleased that you have chosen to make your new home with us. 

Our team has gone to great lengths to ensure your apartment provides comfort, convenience, safety, and privacy. The Resident handbook will give you general contact numbers and information about the buildings here at the Apartments at Menno Place. 

Where to find me?

My office is in the foyer of Primrose Gardens. My office telephone number is 604-851-4006 and my cell phone number is 604-835-9522.

Alternatively, you may contact the Reception Office.

Terrace & Pavilion Reception Office – 604 851-4004.

Primrose Gardens Reception Office – 604 851-4000.

Email me:

Pavilion Apartments Address

32943 Marshall Rd
Abbotsford, BC V2S 1J8
Fax: 604.851.4015