Laundry – Doing Your own – Apartments

The laundry rooms are open 24/7 and you may use the laundry rooms at any time as there is no schedule.

Please remove your laundry in a timely manner so others can use the machines.

Indicate on the white board your suite number when washing laundry.

Please use appropriate laundry soap for the HE (high efficiency) machines.

Pavilion: The laundry room is located on the main floor at the very west end of the building near the elevator. There is a charge of $1.00 to wash. There is no charge for drying.

Terrace West: The laundry room is located on the 2nd floor just around the corner from the elevator. The machines are free to operate.

Terrace East: There is a laundry room on every floor except the first floor. The rooms are located next to the centre elevator. The machines are free to operate.

Primrose Gardens: Laundry rooms are located on floors 1, 2, 4 and 6. Exit the elevator to the right and the laundry rooms are the first door on the right. The machines are free to operate.

Housekeeping Service – Apartments

Weekly in-suite Housekeeping Service is available for monthly fee. See the LEC for current rates. The service includes:

  • Vacuuming and light dusting,
  • Cleaning Kitchen & bathroom floors,
  • Wiping countertops,
  • Disinfecting toilet,
  • Cleaning tub/shower and kitchen & bathroom sinks,
  • Garbage removal on cleaning day.
  • Weekly bed linen change,
  • Weekly laundering of bed linens and towels.

For Private Pay and Fraser Health funded residents, this is included in the rental package.

Laundry: Bed linens and towels will be laundered overnight and returned to you the following day. Please supply a laundry basket, laundry detergent and fabric softener for laundering of bed linens and towels. Please ensure that you have labeled your items.

The housekeeper will place the basket of laundry outside your suite and the overnight staff will launder the items and return them by the following morning.

We also provide a personal laundry service for an additional $8.00 per load. 

This is a scheduled service and can be arranged by contacting the Receptionist or Life Enrichment Coordinator. Menno Place cannot be held responsible for loss of, or damage to, laundry.

Cleaning Schedule & Staffing: You will be notified of the day and time your Housekeeping will be done. Staff members are scheduled based on a rotation and we do not guarantee the same person every week. 

There may be times when the schedule and staffing will change due to unforeseen circumstances.  This will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

Menno housekeeping personnel have criminal records checks and health clearance to work on our campus.  Training is ongoing and staff performance is regularly reviewed. 

Cleaning Products: Menno Place values the environment and uses Stabilized Aqueous Ozone instead of cleaning chemicals. It works as a natural, all-purpose cleaning and sanitizing agent for hours, after which point it turns back into water and oxygen. Aqueous ozone is nature’s most effective cleaner; stain remover; deodorizer and germ killer. It eliminates pathogens, grime, grease, mold, mildew and more from any surface. It’s also 50% more powerful than chlorine bleach and leaves no residues, reverting back to water and oxygen after heavy-duty cleaning.

Care Team – Long Term Care

Members of the Care Team work together with you and your family to plan and review appropriate care and services.

Each member offers their own particular expertise to benefit our residents.

The Care Team may include the following:

Director of Care (DOC) MENNO HOME & Infection Control Lead – Kim Scott
Provides leadership and direction for all direct resident care services. The DOC is responsible for administrative systems which manage the nursing/care departments. DOC is responsible for the overall coordination of resident care. Issues that cannot be resolved by the Resident Care Coordinator (RCC) or the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) should be directed to the DOC.

Director of Care (DOC) MENNO HOSPITAL – Smitha Vargese 
Provides leadership and direction for all direct resident care services. The DOC is responsible for administrative systems which manage the nursing/care departments. DOC is responsible for the overall coordination of resident care. Issues that cannot be resolved by the Resident Care Coordinator (RCC) or the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) should be directed to the DOC.

Residential Care Coordinator (RCC) Resident Care Coordinators are Registered Nurses who are responsible for the coordination and leadership on specific units during the day.

Registered Nurse (RN) Clinical Lead – Registered Nurses who provide direct care oversight and nursing care to the Home and Hospital on evening and night shifts.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) – LPNs provide direct care to residents regarding medications, physical & emotional needs, treatments, etc. LPNs report to the RN on their shift.

Health Care Assistants (HCA) – HCAs provide direct resident care. They assist you with personal care, bathing, meals, and transferring to and from bed/chair/toilet. HCAs report to LPNs/RNs.

Unit Clerk – Our Unit Clerk is responsible for clerical resident focused tasks.

Occupational Therapist (OT) – The O.T. provides direction over equipment needs such as specialty mattresses, wheelchairs, etc. 

Physician – All residents admitted are under the care of a local physician, who oversees their care. Our homes also have a Medical Director who is involved in medication reviews, care conferences, and oversees the physician teams.

Recreational Aide (RA) – The Recreation Department has a range of programs that provide mental, social, and physical stimulation. The recreational aides plan special events, birthday parties, small group activities and 1:1 interaction. The also coordinate ZOOM calls between the friends and families of the residents. The monthly calendar provides information on all recreation activities.  Check the activity board for the monthly calendar. Please see the website at for further information.  Manager, Recreation & Volunteers – Joanne Sweeney

Rehabilitation assistant (REHAB) – We have a walking program, which operates on a weekly basis on each unit. The Rehab Assistant, under the direction of our Occupational Therapist, strives to maintain mobility. Please note there may be a waiting list for this program.

Music Therapist (MT) – A music therapist provides limited hours of music therapy. This a special “therapy” your loved one must meet a specific criteria to be included.

Social Worker (SW) – Our Social Worker is available to assist you and your family with a variety of services.  Some of those include assistance with adjustment/transition to Long=term Care, referrals to community and government services, and communication between you, your family and staff.  Menno Home – Kim Wiebe,  Menno Hospital – Dan Janzen

Dietician – A registered Dietician ensures meals include the right nutrition, and texture to accommodate swallowing needs. She will meet with you to discuss food preferences shortly after move-in.

Receptionist – A receptionist answers our main switchboard Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. After hours, we have an automated system to guide your calls.  If you know the local/extension number of the person to whom you wish to speak, you may enter it immediately upon hearing the voice message.

Dining Experience – We desires to produce and deliver a variety of fresh, high quality nutritious meals. The menu changes on a seasonal basis to be able to access local fruits & vegetables that are in season. Residents have a regular opportunity to speak into, critic and praise the food they are served. Helping us to deliver meals that are enjoyed by the residents. Manager Dining Experience – Angela Ross-Fehr

Housekeeping – The housekeeping department is responsible for cleaning surfaces and floors and disinfecting equipment as part of our infection control program.  All resident rooms are cleaned regularly. Manager Housekeeping and Laundry – Leanne Tanner

Laundry – The laundry department launders all bed linens, towels and personal laundry.  All pieces of personal laundry must be labeled with resident first and last name to ensure clothing is accurately returned to resident.  A one-time labeling fee is charged for this task.  Labeling of personal clothing may take 1 – 3 days. Manager Housekeeping and Laundry – Leanne Tanner

Maintenance – The maintenance staff keep our residents, visitors and staff safe by servicing and maintaining the buildings and grounds on a regular basis and ensuring all equipment is working and hazard free. Manager, Environmental Services and Material Management – Bas Kerval

Volunteers – Volunteers contribute their time and energy, to enhance your quality of life. Examples of volunteer opportunities include escorting you on bus trips and to chapel services, visiting, sharing special talents, and helping at special events. Applications for volunteering may be found on our website, at 

Laundry – Long Term Care

We provide laundry service for your personal items. Our laundry staff picks up clothing items from special hampers, and washes and returns them to your room.

At Menno Place, the laundry department launders all bed linens, towels and personal laundry.

It is important that these items are clearly marked with resident first and last name to ensure clothing is accurately returned to resident.

A one-time labelling fee is charged for this task. Labeling of personal clothing may take 1 – 3 days.

Family members are responsible for dry cleaning, alterations and mending.

How do you know to whom the clothes belong? All personal clothes need to be labelled with first and last name. When you first arrive at Menno Home/Hospital:

    1. Your personal clothing is brought with you or delivered by your family to your room.

    2. A care aide/unit clerk will then place a label on the whole bag or bags, and have it picked up for individual labeling.

    3. Our staff individually label every item so that once it is washed, we can assure its safe return to you.

    4. Our care staff will temporarily label the clothes you are wearing when you arrive, then properly label them during their first wash.

Why do things go missing? It all boils down to the individualized labeling. Even the clothes you wore on your first day here are susceptible to loss, unless you have written your name or initials somewhere on the tags.

Example: Perhaps you received a gift of a new sweater. You may have put it directly on and then once it comes to the laundry room, we do not know to whom it belongs. Please label every item! Just put your name on the tag with a waterproof felt pen. We hope this helps.

If you have any other laundry concerns, contact the nursing staff on your unit.