Ideas, Compliments, Concerns – Apartments

We welcome your comments and concerns.

For your convenience we have a Menno Place “Compliments & Concerns” form for this purpose. The forms are available from the Reception office.

Should you have a complaint, please ensure that you follow the complaint process so that corrective action may be taken.

For Independent Living, please use the Menno Place Compliments and Concerns form.

All concerns will be followed up and any actions taken in response to your concern will be discussed with you.

Your feedback assists us in providing the best possible service for all Residents.

Safety – Living Independently – Apartments

It is important to remember that Pavilion, Terrace West & Primrose Gardens are not health care buildings, nor nursing homes.

Independent living means you are not under constant supervision or observation and assistance is not always available.

The design of each building may entail some risks, not unlike experienced in any property where there is not constant supervision or observation.

Guest Meals – Apartments

Guest meals are offered to visitors at a cost of $8.00 per meal at the Terrace and Pavilion and $9.00 at Primrose Gardens.

We do request 24-hour notice for a visitor.

There are a limited number of guest meal reservations available. Please put your request in early to avoid disappointment.

Visitor Access to Your Building – Apartments

There is an Enterphone at the entrance of all buildings.

Visitors can notify you by pressing your phone code on the touch pad when they arrive. When someone is at the door and buzzing your suite you will hear two quick rings.

Lift your handset and find out who it is. If you know them tell them your suite # and then press 6 to allow entry and then hang up. If you choose to not let someone in simply hang up and do not press 6.

If you are on the phone and you get the two quick rings from the entry door, tell your caller to hold and then press the FLASH button on your phone. This puts your caller on hold and allows you to speak with the person at the door. After you have pressed 6    to open the main door you will automatically be reconnected with your caller.

For the security of all, please do not allow anyone into the building that you do not know.

Telephone and Voice Messaging User Guide – Apartments

To call long distance you must dial 1 + 7 + Area Code + Number

All residents names and numbers are registered with both 411 Directory Assistance and 911 Emergency Operators.

Set up a Voice Greeting for your phone. Please ask a family member or friend to help you if you have any problems with setting up your greeting. To set up Voice Greeting, press *98.

  • If you are not home or you don’t answer an incoming call it will forward to your phone mailbox after 6 rings.
  • If you are on the phone and a caller leaves a message on your phone mailbox your phone will ring after you hang up to alert you to a new voicemail message
  • To retrieve your messages please dial *98 A recorded voice will give you instructions. When you have listened to your message press ‘4’ to delete it.

To EXIT the system, simply hang up.

Telephone – Apartments

For Pavilion residents only: Once you have selected your suite, you should contact Telus to arrange for your telephone hookup. Each suite has been pre-wired.

If your phone is to be connected before you move in and the Telus technician requires access to your suite to complete the connection, kindly notify the reception office at Terrace East.

For Terrace West, Terrace East, and Primrose Gardens residents, the Life Enrichment Coordinator will assign and activate your telephone prior to your move-in date.

Mail Service – Apartments

Each resident has access to a mailbox.

The number on the mailbox is the same as your suite number.

The mailboxes in all of the buildings are near the front entrance.

Canada Post usually delivers the mail by noon Monday thru Friday.

An outgoing Canada Post mailbox is located at the entrance to Menno Hospital.

Metered postage stamps are available for purchase at the Menno Hospital Reception during business hours.

Garbage & Recycling – Apartments

The Menno Apartments have food compost bins, recycle bins, and separate bins for garbage. All the bins are well marked with large signs. Please do not put regular garbage in the recycle or food compost bins.
Please DO NOT put/flush any wipes/incontinence products, regular or flushable, items in/down the toilets.

For the Pavilion, the Garbage area is just outside the main front entrance at the west end of the parking lot. There are designated bins for garbage, recycling and organic waste or food compost.

For the Terrace East & West, there is a designated area for garbage, recycling, and food compost bins in the downstairs parkade.

For the Primrose Gardens, there are garbage, recycling, and food compost bins in the downstairs parkade. These bins are located directly to the right as you exit the main doors to the parkade, and are lined up against the west wall to the right of the parkade gate.

Resident and Visitor Parking – Apartments

Underground parking is available for residents that drive. There is a monthly fee for using a parking space in the parkade. The Reception Office will assist you with assigning a parking stall and supplying the garage door opener.

Visitors can park on the Menno Place Campus side of Primrose Street and Brundige Street.

During weekdays, a Parking Pass is required for Primrose or Brundige Street Parking and is available at the Primrose Gardens or Terrace East Reception.                         

Visitor Paid Parking is also available around the Menno Place Campus in spots that are marked VISITOR.

Residents of the Pavilion, Terrace East and Terrace West may purchase a Monthly Visitor Parking Pass for the Menno Place Campus. This parking pass is available through Impark.

See Reception Office for details.

What to Expect – Moving Day – Apartments

When arranging for your moving truck, please note the elevators are not available between 11:30am – 1:00pm, due to resident use during lunch hour.

While moving your furniture into the building, please be mindful of other residents in hallways or using the elevator.

For security reasons, we ask that you do not prop open the front doors at any time and leave them unattended.