Finance – Additional Costs Long Term Care

You and/or your family members are responsible for the purchase, maintenance or repair costs of personal items such as specialized mobility equipment, hearing aids, eye glasses, dentures, razors, TV, radio, etc.

Charges would also apply to the following if you order them:

  • Newspaper subscriptions
  • Telephone and Cablevision Services
  • Hairdressing services
  • Bus trips (including restaurant meals)
  • Transportation (ambulance, HandyDART)
  • Items from the Fireside Treasures Gift Store or Fireside Café
  • Podiatry and dental services

Additional services and costs will be reviewed at time of Move-in, your consent for services is required from you and will be discussed with the Life enrichment Coordinator when you meet together.

Audiology (Hearing) Services – Long Term Care

Hearing assessments and services are available at hearing clinics in the community.

You need to make your own arrangements. Payment for these services is your responsibility.

Dentures, Eye Glasses and Hearing Aids – Long Term Care

It is recommended that eye glasses and dentures are clearly marked with your name before you arrive; an optometrist and/or dentist office can do this for you.

The repairs and/or replacement of these items is the responsibility of you and your family members.

If you are unable to have this done please check with the nurse on your Move-in day to inquire about assistance.

Although we make every effort to safeguard these items we strongly recommend you obtain insurance to cover the cost of replacing these items due to loss or breakage.

Menno Place assumes no responsibility for loss or damage of valuables or personal items.