Personal Furnishings – Long Term Care

At Menno Place, we ask that you only bring in a few pieces of furniture, as space and storage are limited, and to ensure a safe environment.

Closets are equipped with shelves which provide an area to keep clothing.

Some rooms may only accommodate one chair, such as a recliner.

Other rooms may accommodate a small chair, small dresser/desk or side table, along with your television.

A washable comforter, pictures and photos from home all help give your new home a more personal touch.

Please speak to a member of your Care Team before bringing additional furniture.

We cannot assume responsibility for loss, damage, cleaning of upholstery or repair of any personal belongings.

We suggest you label all items.

Due to limited space, the amount of furniture, equipment or personal belongings in a room may need to be reduced if there is overcrowding.

Staff must be able (when necessary) to safely use a portable lift or other equipment to assist a resident. They will advise you if/when the removal of items becomes necessary for safety reasons.

Menno Place does not accept the donation of personal furnishings. Which includes furniture, recliners and paintings / wall art. There are rare occasions when an item may benefit another resident or the care home.

If you feel the item you wish to donate fits in this category, please contact the Life Enrichment Coordinator to discuss this possibility.