Housekeeping Service – Apartments

Weekly in-suite Housekeeping Service is available for monthly fee. See the LEC for current rates. The service includes:

  • Vacuuming and light dusting,
  • Cleaning Kitchen & bathroom floors,
  • Wiping countertops,
  • Disinfecting toilet,
  • Cleaning tub/shower and kitchen & bathroom sinks,
  • Garbage removal on cleaning day.
  • Weekly bed linen change,
  • Weekly laundering of bed linens and towels.

For Private Pay and Fraser Health funded residents, this is included in the rental package.

Laundry: Bed linens and towels will be laundered overnight and returned to you the following day. Please supply a laundry basket, laundry detergent and fabric softener for laundering of bed linens and towels. Please ensure that you have labeled your items.

The housekeeper will place the basket of laundry outside your suite and the overnight staff will launder the items and return them by the following morning.

We also provide a personal laundry service for an additional $8.00 per load. 

This is a scheduled service and can be arranged by contacting the Receptionist or Life Enrichment Coordinator. Menno Place cannot be held responsible for loss of, or damage to, laundry.

Cleaning Schedule & Staffing: You will be notified of the day and time your Housekeeping will be done. Staff members are scheduled based on a rotation and we do not guarantee the same person every week. 

There may be times when the schedule and staffing will change due to unforeseen circumstances.  This will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

Menno housekeeping personnel have criminal records checks and health clearance to work on our campus.  Training is ongoing and staff performance is regularly reviewed. 

Cleaning Products: Menno Place values the environment and uses Stabilized Aqueous Ozone instead of cleaning chemicals. It works as a natural, all-purpose cleaning and sanitizing agent for hours, after which point it turns back into water and oxygen. Aqueous ozone is nature’s most effective cleaner; stain remover; deodorizer and germ killer. It eliminates pathogens, grime, grease, mold, mildew and more from any surface. It’s also 50% more powerful than chlorine bleach and leaves no residues, reverting back to water and oxygen after heavy-duty cleaning.

Foot and Hand Care – Long Term Care

FOOT/HAND CARE NURSE SERVICES:  At time of Move-in you will decide if you want an authorized Foot/Hand Care Nurse to provide services as may be required, which may be billed directly to the Resident’s Trust Account.

Foot Assessment: Corn, callas care, cutting toe nails, checking for skin infection & conditions feet, preventing potential problems, moisturize feet.
Hand Assessment: Cutting finger nails, checking for skin infection & conditions, preventing potential problems, moisturize hands

Please talk to the nurse on the unit for a referral

Optometry Service (Eye Care) – Long Term Care

Eye care is available in the community.

Costs of eye exams and glasses are partially funded under the BC Medical Services Plan.

Payment for these services is your responsibility.

Dental Services – Long Term Care

During your first 4 to 6 weeks, an Onsite Dental Professional will assess your oral needs.

Menno Place is required to offer services for yearly oral assessments.

The services of the Dental Professional are optional.

If you choose to not accept the on-site dental services, you or your family will need to arrange dental services from an alternate source.

Annual check-ups are recommended.

Any costs incurred for dental services are the sole responsibility of the resident/family.

Companion Aides – Long Term Care

You may wish to hire the services of a trained Companion Aide through a local home support agency. 

Companions may visit, read, take you on outings, or do crafts with you.  

Services are available through a variety of companies in the community.

Families are responsible to organize and arrange companion service on your behalf. Payment for companion service is your responsibility.

Telephone – Long Term Care

You can contact an independent outside service provider (Telus or Shaw) to have a private phone installed.

All costs, including installation, are your responsibility.

We ask that all bills for services be mailed directly to the family/friend handling your financial affairs.

Newspaper – Long Term Care

Personal delivery of the newspaper can be arranged.

You/your family is responsible for arranging the delivery and for paying for the service.

Mail – Long term Care

Incoming personal mail is delivered to each neighborhood on a daily basis. You may leave outgoing mail with the receptionist for mailing. 

You are responsible for the postage costs.

We do not sell stamps but we can run mail through a postage meter and bill your account.

Family and Visitor Parking – Long Term Care

Pay parking on our campus is provided through Impark.

An arrangement has been made to allow resident visitors to park with the use of a “Resident Visitor Parking Permit.” This package presents parking options for visitors and a campus diagram showing available parking space alongside Parking Terms and Conditions. Menno Place parking is only to be used when visiting residents in our building.

Option 1 – Resident Visitor Parking Permits

Residents, or primary contacts of residents, of Menno Home or Hospital are eligible to apply for 1 permit without monthly charge (there is $25.00 non-refundable deposit) payable by cheque to MBS.

Visitor permits are valid for parking in a “VISITORS” marked parking space at any time, or in a “FLEX” marked parking space on weekends (no parking Monday to Friday except on holidays.)

Applications will be completed upon Move-in. Completed applications may be submitted: In person at Reception during regular business hours (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday to Friday, not including holidays).

Option 2 – Temporary Parking

Temporary parking in “VISITORS” marked spaces (or “FLEX” on weekends and holidays) is available by purchasing a permit from Impark pay station which are located around the campus, usually near an entrance.

There is an hourly fee for parking. NOTE: machines only take $0.25, $1.00 and $2.00 coins. Hospital main entrance ticket machine accepts payment by credit card also.

Option 3 – Additional Monthly Parking Permits

Menno Place visitors who wish to purchase additional monthly parking permits may apply with Impark.
Current cost is $20.00 + taxes per month. Please see Reception for more information.

Transportation Information – Long Term Care

HandiDart transportation is available by advance reservation (48 hours) and may be arranged by you or your family. Costs are your responsibility.

Ambulance: We will discuss your decision regarding emergency care with you and your family. When an ambulance is required we will call it for you. Even though the acute Hospital is across the street, the BC Ambulance Service charges for each trip and you or your family will be required to pay the ambulance charges. If you have premium assistance with Medical Services of BC, the charges may be waived.

Wheelchair taxis may be hired in collaboration with your family for appointments, outings, etc.

All costs for transportation are the responsibility of you and your family.

Menno Place has our own wheelchair accessible bus for Recreation outings and a smaller “people mover” for trips to Mill Lake.