Family and Visitor Parking – Long Term Care

Pay parking on our campus is provided through Impark.

An arrangement has been made to allow resident visitors to park with the use of a “Resident Visitor Parking Permit.” This package presents parking options for visitors and a campus diagram showing available parking space alongside Parking Terms and Conditions. Menno Place parking is only to be used when visiting residents in our building.

Option 1 – Resident Visitor Parking Permits

Residents, or primary contacts of residents, of Menno Home or Hospital are eligible to apply for 1 permit without monthly charge (there is $25.00 non-refundable deposit) payable by cheque to MBS.

Visitor permits are valid for parking in a “VISITORS” marked parking space at any time, or in a “FLEX” marked parking space on weekends (no parking Monday to Friday except on holidays.)

Applications will be completed upon Move-in. Completed applications may be submitted: In person at Reception during regular business hours (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday to Friday, not including holidays).

Option 2 – Temporary Parking

Temporary parking in “VISITORS” marked spaces (or “FLEX” on weekends and holidays) is available by purchasing a permit from Impark pay station which are located around the campus, usually near an entrance.

There is an hourly fee for parking. NOTE: machines only take $0.25, $1.00 and $2.00 coins. Hospital main entrance ticket machine accepts payment by credit card also.

Option 3 – Additional Monthly Parking Permits

Menno Place visitors who wish to purchase additional monthly parking permits may apply with Impark.
Current cost is $20.00 + taxes per month. Please see Reception for more information.

Fireside Treasures Gift Store – Long Term Care

Our gift store is located across from the Fireside Café in the main entrance to Menno Hospital.

It features items created by talented artisans, such as jewelry, household products, craft projects, knitted items, and cards for special occasions.

These items make great gifts for your family and friends who come and visit.

The Store is also stocked with a wide assortment of household items such as milk, toilet paper, paper towels, pop, candy, dry goods and an assortment of snacks.

For your convenience simply charge your purchase to your Comfort Fund.

A favorite gift store item is the ice cream treats and chocolate bars.

The Gift Store is staffed by a great group of volunteers from the community and we strive to be open 7 days/week (closed on statutory holidays).

The Neighborhood – Long Term Care

We encourage you and your family to get to know your new home. There are a number of areas you may want to discover and experience as you live here.

Between Menno Home & Hospital buildings we have The Courtyard. It is a secure, enclosed garden that contains a vegetable garden, large trees, and planters with beautiful flowers, refreshing fountains, shady grass and covered areas. You are encouraged to enjoy the sun or shade and enjoy the guest musicians, cars shows, barbeques and other events.

The Living Waters Gardens is a peaceful and beautiful oasis. You can enjoy the lovely flowers and be refreshed by the water feature as you sit in the shade, are invigorated by the breeze or delight in a sunny day. These gardens are located on the East side of the property near Primrose Street.

The Hospital Chapel and the Home Chapel hosts many get-togethers including: Concerts of Care, Sunday Worship Services, Prayer Circles, Catholic Mass, Educational Gatherings, Banquets, Parties and Memorial Services.

If you and your family would like to go off-site for a walk, Mill Lake Park is only one block north of the Menno Place Campus. Mill Lake has something to offer everyone. You’ll find everything from a lakeside bench, quiet picnic areas to an impressive children’s spray park and playground. Great for a family gathering and still close to home.