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Resident Absence from Menno Place – Long Term Care

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We encourage you to spend time away with your family, with your doctor’s approval.  Please be sure to sign out when leaving and sign in when returning.

The Ministry of Health, Home Health Division, determines leaves from Menno Place. If you leave the unit the Resident’s family/escort assumes responsibility for the Resident.

Social Outing: Family is asked to notify nursing staff of your plans.We also ask that you try and give the staff at least 24 hours’ notice when planning to be out over a meal-time to allow cancellation of your meal service and to prepare any medications you may require.

We recommend you speak to your Nurse about your plans and carefully consider your dietary and other care requirements while you are away. Daily charges will continue to apply during any absence.

Upon leaving, Sign Out at nurses station, resident will be given a wristband or business card with Menno Home/Hospital address. Upon return, Sign In and notify nursing.

The Care Team can help plan for overnight visits away from your Residence and will help you make arrangements with the Pharmacy to prepare a supply of medication to take with you.

Menno Place is not responsible for your well-being during this time.