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Apartment Rules and Regulations

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Public meetings are not permitted in or on the premises without permission.

No solicitation (soliciting business or involvement without invitation or appointment) is permitted.

Residents will not store or have in their possession a dangerous weapon, either concealed or on open display.

Residents will not engage in illegal activity.

No trade, business, or professional service sign or notice will be exhibited in or about the premises without prior written consent from Menno Apartments. Individual suites may not be used for business purposes, or as a business address.

Barbecues, storage lockers, fridges or freezers will not be used or stored on balconies at any time.

Rugs, mops, food, etc. must not be shaken out of windows, balconies or common areas of the buildings. Nothing will be hung outside the windows, balcony rails, window ledges, etc.

Residents will not willfully waste water and will report any leaky taps or toilets.

Each resident is assigned a mailbox, including keys. Residents are responsible for the cost of replacement keys if lost. A Postal Box for outgoing mail is located at the front entrance of Menno Hospital and in the lobby of each Apartment.

Residents are not permitted to change locks or security devices of the suites.