TW Community Meeting Minutes – April 2022

Facilitators: Trish, Leonard, Timea                                                                     Date:   April 4, 2022
TW Residents in Attendance: 24

  1. Rent Increases (Leonard) – Some residents received rent increase notices of 1.5% that will come into effect on July 1, 2022. The rental increase is based on the BC Residential Tenancy Agreement. Residents who have lived here less than 12 months should not have received a letter.
  2. Property Insurance (Leonard) – All residents are required to have insurance. Please bring proof of insurance to Claire so a copy can be put in your file.
  3. Air Conditioners (Leonard)
    • Residents are responsible for providing their own portable air conditioner and extension cord in their suite. Menno Place installs the air conditioners.
    • Menno Place plans to install the air conditioners in May. Please let Claire know when you have your air conditioner ready in order to be put on the installation list.
  4. Spring Cleaning (Leonard) – Pressure washing is being done on campus. TW building is next. An announcement will be made at lunch when they are ready to start on TW.
  5. Staff Introductions – Bas Kervel, Manager of Enviro Services and Material Management
    • Bas oversees the nine maintenance workers on campus.
    • TW entrance – new rubber concrete complete, planters and benches to go in.
    • Residents and families are welcome to donate a bench. $1800 for a 4 ft. bench with plaque.  For more details see ca/family-and-friends/donation-benches or call Pearl at 604.859.7631 x232.
    • Maintenance requests are received by admin staff and then submitted to maintenance. Maintenance receives the requests and then prioritizes them.  Flooding/leaking take priority.  Items like broken blinds and air conditions are of general significance and may take a few days.
    • The remaining maintenance requests from the suite inspections will be completed over the next week or two.
    • All gutters have been cleaned. If issues remain/arise, please make another work request. The company will be called back to clean them.
  1. Recreation (Timea)
    • There are lots of activities this month including April 6 Easter Concert, April 8 Food Meeting with Angela and bus trip on April 21. Please see calendar.
    • A Hearing Clinic will be arranged for May.
    • Emily is a new casual recreation staff who will restart the ceramics program.
    • Resident request for regular sing-a-longs in addition to Hymn Sing with John.
  1. Mail (Trish)
    • Menno Place is actively trying to get mail returned to pre-COVID delivery. Canada Post recently assessed the spaces in Menno buildings.
    • Canada Post delivers bags of mail once a week. Menno staff sort and deliver.
    • Discussion of delivery options: Slide under door; knock on door/enter suite if no answer; residents pick up at reception.  Mail cannot be left outside suites.
  1. IL Spa Services (Trish)
    • Spa Bath – Residents are escorted from their suite to the spa bath on third floor of TE. Care staff remain on hand to assist while resident steps into tub, and the bath is filled. Service is one hour in length.  Costs $60.00
    • Shower Room – residents are escorted from their suite to the fully tiled shower room on the fourth floor of TW. Residents may request care staff to be on hand. Service is one hour in length. Costs $60.00
    • Services are available on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one time basis. Call Claire to book a service. 604-851-4004.
    • It is not possible for door to be put on cut out tubs in suites.
    • Foot care nurses – Claire has information about foot care nurses.
  1. Staff Introductions – Sharon Simpson, Director of Community Enrichment
    • Sharon’s position is how to “make the community better”. Sharon recognizes COVID has not made things better. The community enrichment team is working to improve community.
  1. Open Discussion to Floor (Trish)
    • Bistro will not open in the near future.
    • Resident requests variety in bistro bag. Staff have forward request to Angela. Resident encouraged to make request at the food meeting.
    • Trish is looking to bring back lunch time with TW and TE eating at the same time as long as designated seating remains.
    • Residents may call kitchen when they will miss meals on weekends 604-851-4011.
    • Trish will revisit possibility of guest parking passes.
    • Suggestions/Comments may be put in box in TW lobby. Residents are also welcome to bring questions to Claire in reception; Leonard (LEC), and Judith or Tamara (LEAs).
  2. Next meeting to be held in June. Date TBA.