Pavilion Community Meeting – Sept 12 2022

Pavilion Community Meeting Minutes

Date:   September 12, 2022
Speakers: Trish, Leonard, Timi, Kevin, Elke
Residents in Attendance: 22

Welcome and opening remarks by Leonard.

  1. Room Rentals (Leonard) – The large activity room on the third floor is now available for private rentals. Book through reception.
  2. Scooter Parking (Leonard) – Temporary scooter parking is located in the second floor lobby. Staff continue to look for a long term solution.
  3. APEX Pharmacy (Elke – Pharmacist, Manager, Co-Owner)
    1. Apex Pharmacy specializes in services for Menno Place Campus and is located on the first floor of the Pavilion. Medication services include vials, blister packs and pouches.  Pharmacy staff are able to deliver medication to residents on campus.
    2. Pharmacy has free rapid tests available for residents.
    3. Pharmacy will coordinate flu vaccine clinic with Menno Place.
  4. COVID Update (Trish) – There are currently no positive COVID cases in the Menno Apartments. Of the 45 cases in the Terraces, 44 people have their four COVID vaccines.  Most residents had mild cold symptoms, primarily a sore throat/tickle in their throat.
    1. Recommendation: residents think about wearing masks again.
    2. Residents, if you feel unwell, please stay in your suite. You may call Tamara or Apex Pharmacy for a rapid test.
  5. Recreation (Timi) – Please read the monthly activity calendars. In-person activities are highlighted in yellow which include: coffee social on Tuesdays, ceramics on Wednesdays; bus trips on Thursdays and bowling on Fridays.
    1. Youth choir will be here at 7:30 pm on the fourth Wednesday of every month.
    2. Jackie will be hosting dinner club once per month on Wednesdays.
    3. Jackie is here on Saturdays – look for in-person activities.
  6. Chaplain (Kevin) – Kevin is in the Pavilion on Thursdays. He hosts prayer group at 9:00 and fellowship group at 2:30 in the large third floor lounge. He is planning to have communion in the Pavilion dining hall in October or November. See the activity calendar for the specific date.
  7. Green Sleeves (Trish) – Please ensure the information in your green sleeve is up to date. Residents may ask their doctors to assist them in completing a MOST which outlines resident wishes (i.e. do not resuscitate). Green sleeves and/or Health Emergency Cards may be obtained from Tamara.
  8. Resident Comment/Suggestion Box (Trish) – Comment box is located on Tamara’s office door. Please feel free to share your feedback.  Please note while you are welcome to submit anonymously it is easier for staff to follow up if residents provide their name.

Open Discussion to Floor (Trish)

Fire safety

  • Resident requests residents be notified of fire drills.
  • Current process: Notices are posted in the lobby and elevators.
  • Fire safety steps are posted on the back of the suite doors.
  • When the alarm stops ringing the matter is being dealt with and it is safe to leave your suit
  • Residents, hang the away sign on your door when you leave the building. This is important in case of evacuation.

Staffing Concerns – Resident commented that staffing seems slim.

  • August and September see a high volume of vacation requests. In addition some staff have been sick. Casual staff fill in as able. Menno Place actively hires new staff.


  • Resident asked if residents are able to help.
  • Residents are always welcome to help and volunteer but are not required to do so.
  • Help where you like i.e. recreation, visiting, dining.
  • Please do not help another resident with their care (i.e. something that requires care staff such as showering, or transferring).

Food Missing

  • Residents state their requested trays have not been in the fridge when they go to retrieve them. Residents are only to take food that has their name on it. Action: A camera will be mounted to observe the fridge.

Weekend Maintenance Requests

  • There is no regular maintenance available on weekends. Please leave a message for reception or Tamara who will submit the maintenance request after the weekend. If there is a maintenance emergency (i.e. flooding) on the weekend, please call afterhours building emergency line.

Garden on West end of building

  • A new garden was created earlier this year but only residents have watered it. Work request submitted for watering.
  • Resident commented his requests for grass outside his window and for the suite doors to be painted have yet to be completed.

Next meeting to be held in November. Date TBA.