Terrace East and West Community Meeting Minutes – Sept 26 2022

Speakers: Trish, Elke, Claire, Leonard, Timi, and Kevin
Date: September 26, 2022
Residents in Attendance: 54

Welcome and opening remarks by Trish

  1. APEX Pharmacy (Elke – Pharmacist, Manager, Co-Owner)
    • Apex Pharmacy specializes in services for Menno Place Campus and is located on the first floor of the Pavilion. Medication services include vials, blister packs and pouches.
    • Pharmacy staff deliver medication to residents on campus. Residents are also welcome to visit the pharmacy.
    • Pharmacy has free boxes of rapid tests available for residents.
    • Pharmacy provides flu vaccine clinics and COVID vaccine clinics with Menno Place.
  1. Good First Contact (Claire)
    • Claire is the receptionist for the Terraces and Primrose Gardens.
    • She is in Primrose Gardens in the morning and in Terrace East in the afternoon.
    • The phone number follows her. Residents are welcome to call.
    • Claire is a good first contact about bus trips, light bulbs, parking, etc.
  1. Room Rentals (Leonard)
    • Room rentals are not available in the Terraces at this time.
    • The large activity rooms in Pavilion and Primrose Gardens are now available for private rentals. The rooms fit approximately 15 – 20 people. Book through reception, Claire.
    • Guest suites are not available for rent, nor is the chapel.
  1. Air Conditioners (Leonard)
    • Residents are encouraged to wait until after Thanksgiving to request the removal of their air conditioner.
    • When residents are ready to have their air conditioner taken out, residents may contact Claire.
    • Residents are welcome to leave their air conditioner in all year.
  1. Electric Scooter Parking (Leonard)
    • There is a small scooter parked in scooter parking stall #16. It has a layer of dust on it.  If anyone knows who this scooter belongs to, please let Claire know.
  1. Recreation (Timi)
    • Come to the “Thankful Party” on Thursday, October 6 at 2:30 in the dining room for pumpkin pie and coffee as well as accordion entertainment.
    • October bus trips include:
      • Oct 6 – free shuttle to advance voting pole
      • Saturday, Oct 8 – Cranberry Festival in Ft. Langley;
      • BC Ferry Trip – those on September waitlist get first pick
      • Willowview Farms
      • Wal-Mart
    • Residents, please read the monthly activity calendars. In person activities are highlighted in yellow. Non-highlighted activities are on Channel 10.
    • Ceramics class with Emily every Tuesday.
    • Recreation is always open to suggestions and feedback.
    • Jackie will be hosting dinner club once per month on Wednesdays.
    • Jackie is here on Saturdays – look for in person activities.
  1. Nursing Staff (Trish)
    • Geeta (who was introduced) is the Nursing Care Supervisor in charge of Assisted Living. LPNs and care staff report to Geeta. Geeta works directly under Trish.
    • Terrace West – there is a new program: Independent Plus. Darlene is in charge of providing services to assist people to stay in Terrace West with support services.
  1. Puzzle Room (Trish)
    • Terrace West 2nd floor room has been used for puzzles. A notice went up stating the room would be repurposed.
    • Staff have received concerns and have taken it into consideration. Staff recognize the value the room holds as Terrace West have limited communal space.
    • The puzzle room will remain the puzzle room. The sign has been taken down.
  1. Terrace West Water Upgrade (Trish)
    • The water upgrade in TW caused some issues. Maintenance has tended to the specific concerns. Staff believe these matters have been resolved.
    • If residents have unresolved water issues, please let Claire know.
  1. Terrace East COVID update (Trish)
    1. There were two new COVID + cases yesterday.
    2. Staff will notify Fraser Health and wait on instructions. Staff will not close down dining or activities unless required to do so.
    3. Recommend: residents wear masks in small spaces i.e. elevators, group activities.
  1. Chaplain (Kevin)
    • Kevin hosts prayer group at 9:00 am on Wednesdays
    • He also hosts Fellowship group at 2:30 in the TE 4th floor lounge on Wednesdays.
    • There have been some challenges with sound on Channel 10 – they are working on it.
  1. Away Signs (Trish)
    • Residents, hang the away sign on your door when leaving the building.
    • It is a great communication tool when we need to account for people.
    • More signs are available in the wellness centre.
    • The new signs are purple. The older signs are white with blue on the other side.
  1. Green Sleeves (Trish)
    • Terrace East residents, staff assist with this information. Fraser Health requires Assisted Living residents get a new MOST every year.
    • Terrace West residents, please ensure the information is complete and easily accessible on your fridge. Important information includes medications, doctor contact info, primary contact info and allergies.
    • The MOST is to be completed with your doctor.
    • Judith is going to help facilitate getting green sleeves in Terrace West as well as to the three IL residents in Terrace East.
  1. Discussion Open to Floor (Trish)
    • Resident asked why the pendant system in Terrace East only works in suites when other pendants have a larger range.
      • Staff are working on a business proposal to get a new pendant system.
      • Staff are looking into an upgrade for pendants that work beyond the suites.
      • This is complicated by the fact that the current system is hard wired into the building and goes directly to care staff phones.
    • Terrace West residents are encouraged to consider getting their own pendant i.e. Life Line.
    • Resident expressed concern that the ambulance came for her husband but took her medication. Resident states the writing on the bottle is too small.
  1. Power Outage (Leonard)
    • There was a recent power outage due to emergency work on nearby lines.
    • Leonard commends the residents who called the afterhours building emergency line.
    • When the power goes out, the generator comes on which provides limited power in the suites. Only some power outlets and lights will work.
    • Please do not flip the breakers. This will not help during a power outage.
    • Once per month maintenance run a generator test.
  1. Automatic door opener (Trish)
    • Menno Apartments has trialed an automatic door opener in one of the suites.
    • Staff are looking at grant money to see if we can purchase more.
    • We can revisit when we get more info.
  1. Next meeting to be held in November. Date TBA.